MAFS viewers spotted an unusual decorating feature in Tracey Jewel's room last night.

Last night, Tracey Jewel delivered the most blistering reality TV breakup we’ve ever seen.

But it wasn’t the only talking point about the Married At First Sight contestant from the episode.

You see, viewers spotted a, well, interesting interior decorating feature in her room.

MAFS Dean Tracey wedding
Dean and Tracey during their "wedding". Image via Channel 9.

On her bedside table, as you'd expect, were a few framed photos.


One was a wedding day snap of her and he-who-shan't-be-named. Alright, yes we mean Dean.

But to put things in perspective - quite literally - was another photo that absolutely dwarfed the other.

It wasn't a family picture. Or a selfie. Or a blown up picture of Chris Hemsworth's abs.

No, this giant picture gave us an insight into Tracey's true religion.




Even better, it was a signed photo of Oprah.

Plenty of viewers questioned how Tracey got her hands on such a prized item, with some suggesting it was from eBay.

As we recently discovered, Tracey once appeared in the audience of a 2013 episode for Oprah's fifth last show.

The Stephens Twins debrief on what the hell just happened. Post continues after audio.

Many were speculating that it was this giant signed photo that gave Tracey the strength and magical powers needed to defeat the evil wizard. Yes, again, this means Dean.




Here's hoping the wedding photo partially blocking the shrine to Oprah has found its way back to where it belongs - the bottom of a drawer.

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