Chrissie Swan would like to make an announcement about Married At First Sight's Dean.

It’s not outrageous to say that Married At First Sight‘s Dean Wells hasn’t come off exceptionally well this season.

There was the misogynist description of his ideal wife, the whole leaving-his-just-married-wife-for-another-wife and, of course, the infamous boys night discussion.

But Chrissie Swan thinks maybe, just maybe, Australia has got the poor bloke wrong.

After interviewing him for her radio show, Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny, she shared a post on Instagram saying she “doesn’t know what to believe any more…”.

“Guys. We’ve all been totally TRICKED! Dean is a really normal and reasonable person and Tracey is heaven,” she captioned the photo.

“I don’t know what to believe any more…”

Dean responded to her photo in the comments.

“Hey stop ruining my bad boy image!! Haha but seriously you are lovely and it was a pleasure to meet you guys,” he wrote.

MAFS Dean & Tracey
MAFS Dean & Tracey. Image: Instagram.

The woman who gave Dean the infamous spray tan also jumped to his defence.

"I agree @chrissieswan! I met Dean and Tracey when they filmed the infamous spray tanning segment and @deanwells IS a reasonable person. It's the most asked question I get at the moment," she wrote.

However judging by the other comments on Chrissie's post, not everyone agreed.

While some acknowledged that it was just editing, others believed it was closer to the truth.

"Even if @deanwells is an angel, all the things he did and said on MAFS he still did and said and reflects some side of his personality and I'm sure he was on his perfect behaviour while he was visiting," one follower wrote.

"If my daughter brought home Dean after seeing what had happened i'd be incredibly disappointed."

"I think anyone can seem nice for one meeting," added another.

So is Dean really the Dean that we think Dean is?

Instagram user lady_janieo may have nailed what's really going on.

"Who really cares? Nah! I watch it and I laugh....... it's a comedy show right??" she wrote.

Listen to Clare and Jessie Stephens recap the latest episode of MAFS below.

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