We finally know the real reason MAFS' Tracey Jewel licks her lips so damn much.

Forget Dean‘s penchant for twisting the truth, there’s another habit Married At First Sight fans have picked up on as a little frustrating.

Tracey Jewel‘s constant lip licking.


“Why does Tracey lick her lips all the time? Is it an anxiety thing or is it related to the work she’s had done on her lips and teeth,” one fan asked.

Another suggested turning the habit into a drinking game.’s James Weir also wrote a whole article on it, with a somewhat-convincing theory sent in by a reader of his recpas.


“This reader informed me the reason Tracey keeps sticking her tongue out is because her inner-lip mucosa has been curled out and enhanced so much that it now faces the outside,” he wrote.

“The mucosa, I was told, is supposed to stay moist — and that’s why Tracey keeps licking it.”

However turns out it’s got nothing to do with her cosmetic surgery.

This morning, Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny put on their detective hats and asked Tracey the VERY IMPORTANT question on everyone’s, erm, lips.

Why was she doing it and was she aware?

“I’m aware of it now,” she told the trio.

“I think it’s because I’m nervous, I think it’s a nervous tic, I’m always put under the pressure, it’s me trying to process what is going on.”

So there you have it – mystery solved.

She’s not the first reality TV contestant to have her tongue-moving habits scrutinised.

In 2016, social media users couldn’t stop speculating about The Bachelor’s Keira Maguire and her teeth licking action.


Former contestant Rachel Moore told Mamamia’s Bach Chat podcast that rather than an “angry tic” she thought it was simply to prevent lipstick on her teeth while she was on camera.


And who said reality TV couldn’t spark deep conversations?

Listen: Clare and Jessie Stephens recap the latest episode of MAFS.

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