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The sex bucket list. PLUS our 10 most popular posts about relationships.

You need a date night. Right now.






1. The sex bucket list. How many of these can you tick off?

This one needs no explanation. How many of these can you tick off your sex bucket list? What would you add? (Don’t forget to check out the comments, they went wild with this one!) Read the post here.

2. A love story in 28 pictures.

Get the tissues ready for this one. Taylor Morris was a 23-year-old Navy EDU – he specialised in bomb disposals. When he stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive Device), everything changed. Read what happened next here.

3. This is why you’re not married.

There are plenty of reasons why someone is not married – and not all of them are bad. When the Huffington Post released a scathing list of reasons why you’re not married, Jamila had something to say about it. Read the post here.

4. Losing my virginity: From ‘Wanna do it?’ to ‘I peed funny!’ in 10 minutes.

At last. Someone finally called bull on what a first time is really like. Forget 50 Shades of Grey – Rosie Waterland shares the intimate, sweet and funny account of how she lost ‘it’. Read the post here.

5. The great name change debate. Would you? Did you?

This debate rages on year after year. When you get married, will you be taking your husband’s name? If you are already married, did you? Rebecca Bodman shares her decision – and everyone’s reactions. Plus, check out our gallery of surnames that should never have been double-barrelled. Read the post here.


6. Worst love tattoos ever.

There are some tattoos that probably should never have been inked. Like, any relationship that’s lasted less than three weeks, or another Southern Cross tattoo. Nat shares what she witnessed one day in the tattoo parlour… and of course, what would a story about tattoos be without a hilarious gallery? Check out the post here.

Marriage is hard, but the cake is delicious.

7. I’m single. But I’ve already planned my wedding.

This might send some men running for the hills, but is it the smart way for women to plan ahead? Lucy admits that yes, she has started planning her wedding sans the usual requirement of fiance. Have you started planning yours? Are you a vague ‘I’ll probably choose a white dress’ kind of girl or have you got a draft seating plan in a folder? Read the post here.

8. Deal breakers: we can’t be together if…

When it comes to relationships, what’s your deal breaker? Big or small, we all have those things that flare up warning bells in new relationships. Nat looks over her relationships deal breakers, as well as some of the best and most original out there. Leave us a comment – we want to hear about yours! Check out the deal breakers here.


9. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Marriage is tough. Really tough. What is it that makes some couples stay together year after year? Meshel Laurie reflects on what it takes to keep a marriage going, riding through the ups and downs and the curveballs life throws at you. Read the post here.

10. The Great Wall of Vagina (NSFW)

How many vaginas have you seen? If you’re like many of us, the answer could well be one: yours. And some of us have never even looked that closely at our own one. In a time when the term ‘designer vagina’ is on everybody’s lips (pun… a little intended), it’s refreshing to see someone take a stand. UK sculptor Jamie McCarthy has created plaster moulds of 400 vaginas of every type. The aim, he says, is to celebrate every type of vagina, and to remove the negativity many women have about theirs. Curious? So were we. Check out the post here.

11. Who’s your brain swoon?

We all get crushes on famous people from time to time, but usually, well, they’re attractive. Super attractive. We don’t come across these people in day to day life, and, well, isn’t that half the point? Rhiannon Hart thinks otherwise. She writes about her brain swoons – the men she crushes on purely for their mental prowess. We were surprised at first, but reading it you just can’t help but nod along… Read the post here.