8 things we wish we could say to our hairdresser... but don't.

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with going to the hairdresser

On the one hand, we love it because we leave feeling all fresh and cute. But on the other, the whole process can take hours and leave us broke.

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After we published an article earlier this week about all the things hairdressers wish we'd stop doing when coming in for a haircut, we had a flood of people telling us what they, as the customer, wish they could say at the salon.

But before we share, let us preface: we love you, hairdressers. Please don't hate us. We can't afford to find a new you.

Ok, here goes...

1. Please, please stop hair shaming us. We know it's bad.

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"Please stop telling me that my hair is in really bad condition. I know right, that's why I'm here." 

"When they tell me my hair is 'dead'. Hair is dead. It's not... alive. I don't really care if it's dead, as long as it looks good." 

"I pretty much have permanently damaged hair, I think because I tie it up tightly for runs, and I get genuine anxiety about the hairdresser. Legit, it's up there with the dentist for me! I just don't want you to say anything, please."

2. Please don't try to upsell us.

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"When they question your choice of shampoo and conditioner and then try to upsell you really expensive products."

"When they ask if you want a treatment but don't say how much extra it is. I appreciate it so much when my hairdresser is straight up about what the treatment is, what it will do and how much it will actually cost instead of giving me sales fluff." 

3. Please don't add on a treatment without telling us.

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"When they actually do the treatment without asking me, then at the end the bill looks awful because they've added things. Just tell me as you go."

4. Please don't ask us to come in again in six weeks.

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"I'm uncomfortable when hairdressers try to book me in for my next appointment in six weeks' time. We both know that's not going to happen. Instead, I'm going to say 'let me check my schedule and call you back' then I'm not going to schedule anything until four months later because I cannot spend that kind of money every six weeks."

5. If we look busy, don't worry about making small talk.

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"I'll happily do the small talk when I come in but then when I've got a head full of foils and I open a book, please just let me read."

6. Please give it your all during the head massage. Pretty please?

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"Ok I have a lot of strong feelings about this. If I’m paying $35 for this treatment just so you can massage my head, please do a good job. Don’t leave your fingers stagnant."

7. Please don't ask nosey questions (unless I'm your regular, in which case I'm obviously here for a chat.)

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"I don't know if this is just my hairdresser, but she asks me when I'm going to have kids every single time."

8. Don't assume we know hair talk.

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"Please stop expecting me to understand hairdresser jargon. I know I am explaining things very basically but I don't know what I am talking about, I'm not a hairdresser."

What do you wish you could say to your hairdresser? Let us know in the comments!

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