Modern Etiquette: The 10 things hairdressers wish you'd stop doing when you come in.

There's one thing that's become alarmingly apparent: No one knows how to behave anymore. 

And it's not our fault. After all, we were locked inside for basically two years. Isolated. Spent a lot of time online wearing stained trackies and watching celebrities make TikToks.

So, in a bid to help remind us all how to behave like polite human beings, we're taking a leaf out of New York Magazine's viral guide to existing in modern society, and sharing some new rules.

In the Modern Etiquette series, Mamamiasks people in different fields to share their hard-line do's and don'ts, according to their expertise.

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And there's no better place to start than the hair salon.

We asked hairdressers to tell us all the things clients do that get on their nerves. And they didn't hold back.

Here's a list of everything your hairstylist wants to you to kindly stop doing.

1. Bringing in an unrealistic photograph.

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"Photos for makeup artists and hairstylists have always been an issue. Unless the person in the photo has similar features, face shape, colouring etc, don’t expect the exact look. You can work towards it and use it as inspiration, but it won’t be the same or even suit you when you have a completely different base to work with." - Michael.

"Lots of people show a photo of what they want, but actually end up wanting something completely different or unrealistic to what hair they have." - Stella.

"I hate when people show me a picture of a hairstyle they like that is highly styled, and they say they don't want to style their hair every day..." - Vanessa.


"When clients show me photos with filters, expecting it to look the exact same colour in real life." - Sara.

"People bring in photos that have been professionally styled, and they can’t comprehend that I cannot cut their hair so that it naturally sits as if it has been blow waved every day." - Chloe.

2. Making an appointment for something completely different.

"There's nothing worse than a client booking in for only a regrowth tint and showing a photo of a balayage or something that requires a colour correction, then not understanding why you can’t fit it all in in their allocated appointment." - Belinda.

3. Taking sneaky pics for your Instagram.

"My pet peeve is those sneaky snaps. We know you’re taking a video or picture... we're behind you. Just say, "hey, I'm gonna post to my socials" - the result will be better, too."

4. Trying (very badly) to describe what type of hair you have.

"People saying they have "fine hair, just a lot of it" - most of the time a hairdresser will be able to tell what type of hair the client has without being told, that's all!" - Vanessa.

5. Telling your new hairdresser that no other hairdresser has ever understood what you want.

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"One of my biggest annoyances is when it's someone's first appointment and they tell you that they've never been happy with their hair." - Bianca.

6. Showing up late to an appointment... with a coffee.

"If you are on time, it’s totally okay. It’s when a client is 15 minutes late, but walks in with hot coffee." - Bianca.

7. Asking for a fringe... when you clearly have reservations.

"I hate when people say they want bangs, but still want to be able to tie it up." - Christine.

8. Saying you "just want a haircut."

"Well, no s**t. How much do you want off, what kind of style...?" - Cass.

"I cannot stand it when people say, 'just do whatever you think, you're the professional'." - Ruby.

"The people who always say 'whatever you think would look good' are pretty annoying." - Rebecca.

9. Arriving with dirty hair.

"There's nothing worse than people coming into the salon with disgusting hair and saying, 'Oh, I knew I was coming in, so I haven’t washed it.' Like, what?" - Chloe.


"When they haven’t washed their hair for 17 days and don’t want a hair wash." - Jess.

10. Handing out bizarre requests.

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"I've had people ask me to cut their curly hair so it 'sits straight'. Someone once asked me if I could cut her fringe so it wouldn’t grow forward anymore because she didn’t like it. This is why I retired from hairdressing at 27." - Chloe.

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