Forget what Gen Z says about side parts. Here's how to know what hair part suits you the most.

Finding the ideal part for your hair is like finding the good selfie light in your apartment. Once you land on it, you'll likely stick to it.

But if you're someone who usually goes for a side part, we assume you're now considering a change up.

In case you missed it, Gen Z has deemed the side part out of fashion, and insists that the middle part is a 'cooler' option. But we're here to say, that is wrong. Your face, your part - your choice.

With help from Jaye Edwards, Founder and Director of Edwards And Co, here is exactly how he recommends parting (and styling) your hair, according to the lovely face nature gave you.

We've taken the four main face shapes into account, but factors like hair texture and how often you style your 'do are also, of course, worth considering when deciding on your ideal part. 

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Remember, these are only suggestions, and we're by no means saying you must abide by them. If you're more of a scrape-it-back-into-a-bun type (where parts need not apply), you do you.


Heart face shape.

Heart face shape. Image: Getty. 

"To flatter the features of a heart-shaped face, such as a pointy chin, a wide forehead and sharp cheekbones, I always recommend a long, choppy fringe [as opposed to a specific part]. The idea is to balance the width of the face and to cover extra width on the forehead," Jaye tells Mamamia.

For example, actress Kerry Washington does exactly that. She gets long, choppy bangs to accentuate her sharp cheekbones.


Oval face shape.

Oval face shape. Image: Getty. 


"Those with oval and longer face shapes should consider themselves lucky, as they have landed the most versatile of shapes in terms of hair styling," says Jaye.

"You absolutely can't go past a middle part with long, soft waves. I also love a pixie cut on an oval face shape, it's a bold look that highlights the natural beauty of the face," he explains.


And of course, Jennifer Lopez loves this hairstyle with her part down the middle.


Round face shape.

Round face shape. Image: Getty. 


"Round faces are defined by a softer jawline and equal dimensions. The trick is to create length, structure and definition," Jaye continues. "Stay away from bobs and lobs that are too blunt; instead go for something more layered and lived in."

Selena Gomez, who has a round face shape, often opts for a natural, lived in look, parting her hair to the side. What that does is detract from the width of the face, and rather keeps the focus on the hair.


Square face shape.

Square face shape. Image: Getty. 

"This is potentially my favourite face shape," says Jaye. "With a carefully chosen style, a sharp jawline will look incredible."

"The key is to go for softer, feathered layering to soften your jawline. I love working with rounded layers, soft fringing and lots of texture."


Actress Olivia Wilde, who is blessed with defined angles, tends to stick to a textured cut to soften her look. And again, like a round face shape she generally parts it to the side, which detracts from the width of the face.

What's your go-to part? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image: Instagram/@chrisappleton1 @selenagomez