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Last night, we finally learnt the awkward truth about single dates on The Bachelor. 

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Sorry, but we need to have a yarn about the most awkward moment from Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor.

Nah, forget the bit where the entire mansion was rocked to its core by the whole dog c*** thing. We’re talking about the moment we learnt the truth about how single dates really end.

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On Wednesday night’s episode, the great Bachelor production machine served us up a truly awkward single date between Bachelor Matt Agnew and contestant Helena Sauzier.

Before all the cocktail party madness kicked off, Matt and Helena enjoyed a perfectly lovely single date.

They took a perfectly lovely stroll alongside a river. They learnt how to make a perfectly lovely (and sexual) pearl from inside an oyster. They shared a perfectly lovely glass of champers and had some perfectly lovely banter.

Then, things got real awkward.

You can watch the very awkward moment from Matt and Helena’s date unfold below, post continues after video.

Video by Ten

You see, poor Matt’s head was basically scrambled eggs after learning from fellow contestant Abbie that another fellow contestant Monique may or may not have called him a disgusting pig and a dog c***. Yeah.

He then went into his single date with Helena burdened by all that emotional baggage and the result was an overthought kiss on the cheek that steered the rest of the date in an awkward direction.

This is where it all went wrong. Image: Ten.
What is happening right now?? Image: Ten.

Helena started overthinking the situation because Matt has been kissing pretty much all of his single dates except... her. Matt did not know what to do because his mouth would usually be occupied kissing someone at this stage.


So awkward was the exchange that, finally, the pair simply got up, said see ya later and walked off in different directions.


Thanks for the rose BYYYYEEEEE. Image: Ten.
Presumably running off to get changed before pretending everything is fine. Image: Ten.

It was a glimpse into what these highly staged single dates are actually like (i.e. not very romantic) and left viewers wondering if we were meant to have seen the footage of their exit at all.

But here's where it gets weirder.

Later that evening, Matt and Helena entered the cocktail party together, wearing new outfits, hand-in-hand.

To the other women trapped in the mansion, it would have looked like Helena and Matt's cringeworthy date ending never happened. But it did happen.

HANG ON NOW. Image: Ten.

The whole thing was very, very strange.

Very strange indeed.

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