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Brooke's ex didn’t take her honesty about her sexuality as well as Nick Cummins.

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At first, Nick Cummins appeared a little taken aback when Brooke Blurton told him she’d had two past relationships with women during Wednesday night’s episode.

But after a moment, this year’s Bachelor told the 23-year-old he had “absolutely” no problem with her sexual past.

“I’m so glad that you feel comfortable enough to share that with me,” Nick told her.

However, one man who was not quite so understanding was Brooke’s ex.

The Perth social worker told OK magazine that her ex-boyfriend of three years was “judgemental”, “insecure” and unable to cope with the fact she was attracted to members of the same sex.


“To be honest, he was probably the one that was most judgemental,” Brooke, who does not wish to be labelled bisexual, said.

“I could just tell that he was uncomfortable about it.

“I wish obviously that he was, because I think the relationship could’ve been great if we could just get over that.”

Brooke, who also shared that she had been in a relationship with one woman for a year, labelled it a “concern” that her ex became “insecure in the relationship” when she told him about her same-sex attraction.

As for Nick’s reaction, Brooke said it was as genuinely accepting as it seemed on TV, telling OK: “There was no judgement at all”.

Meanwhile, some viewers were critical of the way Channel Ten handled the Bachelor contestant’s decision to reveal her sexual past.



Many thought that Brooke’s admission shouldn’t have been used as a teaser for the episode.

What do you think? Should coming out as same-sex attracted be treated as a big deal in 2018?