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"She lied to me the whole time." The Bachelor's Brittany Hockley feels betrayed by Cass.


From the moment Australia met 23-year-old Bachelor contestant Cass Wood, she’s made one thing very clear.

She knew Nick. From before.

If anything, this subplot has become more and more confusing as the show has gone on. How well did Cass know the former professional rugby player? Were they acquaintances, or exes? Had they flirted, or dated? Also – WHY DID CASS SEEMINGLY GO ON A FAMILY HOLIDAY WITH HONEY BADGER.

Earlier this season, when Nick’s family arrived to meet the contestants, it emerged that Cass already knew Nick’s brother. They spent time together, she said, in Queensland, which sounds like a very different place to where they both live – in Manly. People don’t go to other states with people they don’t know well. That’s a fact.

On screen, she’s disclosed they actually went on a “coupla dates” where they got to know each other “pretty well” – a story which has been corroborated by Mr Badger.

But according to fellow contestant Brittany Hockley, Cass intentionally misled the other women about her history with Nick.

Speaking to WHO Magazine, the 30-year-old said “I feel hurt because Cass has always adamantly told me that nothing has happened between them.”

“She lied to me the whole time.”


Britt, who, like Nick, was born in Port Macquarie, said Nick’s past with Cass “came out at my home town”.

“I was mortified,” she said.

“I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. I feel stupid.”


And more importantly, do we get to find out tonight?

Speaking about her past with Nick, Cass has said she went on approximately three dates with Mr Badger prior to the show.

“Nick actually asked me out to dinner,” she told OK! magazine in an interview.

“We went to his um… we went to a pizza place in Manly. We went there a few times. I love wine and pizza!”

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She also told OK! that they had kissed and that’s it. “We would open up to each other and share information that you’d tell someone you’re really close to.”

But there’s more.

Cass said they had a very nice time together, but then Mr Badger was busy travelling, as was she, and they just “tried to see each other whenever [they] could.”

Oh, and also, “Nothing ever ended [between us].”