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The telling quote from Bachelor's Brittany Hockley that's raising eyebrows.


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From early on in The Bachelor Australia season, Brittany Hockley has been the favourite to win the Honey Badger’s heart.

But if a new interview is anything to go by, it seems we might not be getting the fairy tale ending we were expecting.

Speaking to OK! Magazine this week, Brittany hinted that things are already over with the Bachelor Nick Cummins.

“There’s no part of me that’s in love with Nick,” she told the magazine.

Bachelor 2018 Brittany Hockley
Brittany Hockley and Nick Cummins. Image: Instagram.

"It's way too soon."

The 30-year-old also shared that she feels much closer to her fellow contestants compared to Nick.

"At this point, Cass, Soph and I are closer with each other than we are with Nick," she added.

Last week, another clue suggested that Brittany and the Honey Badger didn't end up together.

During Wednesday night's episode last week, Brittany's sister Sheri shared a video of Nick and Brittany's single date to her Instagram story.

brittany the bachelor sister instagram story
The evidence. Image: Instagram.

The Daily Mail reported a conversation being heard between a male and a female in the background.

The man was heard saying "Maybe he's not ready to settle down..." while a woman responded, "Maybe not".


But while Brittany might not end up with the Honey Badger in the end, a new clue suggests she'll definitely make the top four.

As observed by early montage promo for the reality dating show pretty much gives away which contestants made it to the end.

If the promo is anything to go by, it looks like our top finalists will include Brittany Hockley, Brooke Blurton and Sophie Tieman.

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