Sam Frost has a compelling theory on why Cassandra Wood doesn't win The Bachelor.

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If there’s one thing the people of Australia like doing, it’s looking for clues about who might win The Bachelor.

Whether it be a rogue off-the-cuff comment by the Honey Badger about liking brunettes, or two contestants checking in at the same location on the same day, we care SO MUCH.

When 23-year-old Bach favourite, Cass Wood, flashed an engagement ring on her Instagram story, fans of The Bachelor 2018 were left completely… shook. 

How, we wondered, was this allowed? Is it even from Nick? Is she engaged to someone else?

It turns out though, that the ring flash was definitely not the ring shown in The Bachelor previews at the start of the season.

According to Sam Frost, who appeared on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the promise/eternity/engagement ring used in the series is immediately locked up.

“The ring used in the finale is taken away by producers almost immediately after filming stops and is locked in a safe. There is no way the ‘winner’ would be allowed anywhere near it until after the finale airs,” the 29-year-old told Mamamia.

On the theory that the Instagram story might have been a strategic decoy, Sam Frost added that it’s more likely the producers would be unhappy about the Instagram story.


“I highly doubt the producers would tell her to do that [Instagram story], they’d most likely be pretty annoyed she did that Instagram story,” she told Mamamia. 

Is that a ring...? Image: Instagram.

If we're being honest though, there's one contender who will obviously win.



It's obviously... Brittany.

Before she'd even had a proper conversation with Nick, she was by far the favourite on Sportsbet.


Because unlike with other types of bets, there are a handful of people out there who already know who wins when the show starts to air. So, if there's a clear favourite from the outset - it's likely because those people have cleverly placed their bets.

There's also no reason in particular for people to be so convinced of Britt's win, unless they have inside knowledge. She hasn't had a great deal of air time, and has only been on one single date with Cummins, unlike Brooke, who's just had her third.

Then, more recently, there's Cummins' accidental confession that he ends up with a brunette, and Brittany's social media interactions with his family.

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