The Bachelor's Tenille just shared her one big beef with Nick Cummins.

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After a tough chat with Nick Cummins and a lot of tears, Tenille Favios chose to leave the Bachie mansion on her own terms (even if it meant she missed out on all Sophie’s avocados).

Speaking to TV Week, Tenille said though she has no regrets about leaving, she really liked Nick and often still wonders what could’ve been.

“I wasn’t in love with him – though I could see the possibility of that happening down the track – I really liked him and obviously after leaving I’ve been going through it in my mind like, oh god, what could have happened if I did stay? Would things have been different? Should I have just stuck it out and seen?”

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But she admitted she became frustrated by Nick’s focus on her not being able to ‘open up’ and the fact that he never actually asked her why that was.

“I do keep people at arm’s length,” she said. “But I stood my ground in that, if he wants to break that wall down he will approach me and talk to me and if he doesn’t then that’s fine… The whole opening up thing kind of confuses me because, I’m like ask me anything and I will give you a truthful answer. Like I don’t really understand the whole ‘I want you to open up’ like… about what? Specifically what do you want me to open up about?”

Her decision to leave followed an uncomfortable conversation with Nick, in which she said she wanted to get across that she did like him and wanted to be there, but it didn’t translate well.

Tenille then made Nick’s decision for him by jumping in a car and leaving the mansion… without even getting to say goodbye to the rest of the bachelorettes.

Ouch, this show is brutal.