'I've been a beauty editor for 9 years. This is the 'Sunday reset' routine I swear by.'

If you're a gal on social media, chances are you're familiar with the 'Sunday reset' trend. Come on, you know. The one where people film themselves cleaning their house, organising their clothes for the week, meal prepping, taking an 'everything shower' (read: a lengthy shower consisting of... everything). 

In fact, the latter — involving exfoliating, shaving, hair masking, the whole shebang — is often followed by an extensive step-by-step skincare routine to prep yourself for the week. It's a whole thing. And I love it.

This kind of stuff:


Dubbed 'girl therapy', you gotta admit it's satisfying as hell watch. And it almost always makes you want to get your s**t together and up your self-care routine.

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So, you know what I thought I'd do? Share absolutely everything in my 'Sunday reset' beauty routine — the kind of products that help me feel my best for the week ahead.

Below, you'll find all the essential products I like to use every Sunday — from tip to toe.

Epzen Whipped Body Wash 2 in 1 Wash & Shave Cream With Niacinamide, $15.39.

Image: Supplied.


Let's start with this little purple pot of delight, shall we? I lather my legs in this stuff, and it actually makes me look forward to shaving, which is... different. It has a beautiful whipped texture and a yummy scent (smells like marshmallows) and not only makes the de-fuzzing game less of a thing but also ups the hydration in my skin, reducing irritation and redness and leaving it feeling silky smooth. I almost always use too much because I get really excited and love how satisfying it is to shave your legs with *actual* shaving cream and not go raw like an absolute monster. It's the little things, innit!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Mask (5 Pack), $15.

Image: Supplied.


There are SO many great face masks on the market and I'm forever switching and swapping between brands — I'm not particularly loyal to any of them. While I love a good overnight mask you can slather on before bed, I'm quite partial to the instant results of a hydrating sheet mask. It's an instant skin pick-me-up and the absolute best way to prep your skin before makeup.

As I said, I have a whole list of favourites but one of my most-used has to be the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Mask. They come in a pack of five for $15 (you can buy them single, too) and I love how juicy, hydrated and glowing they leave my skin  — it's like a massive drink of water for my thirsty face.


Epres Bond Repair Treatment Starter Kit, $84.

Image: Supplied.

As with face masks, I have a few products on high rotation when it comes to hair treatments. However, this one from epres is pretty stellar. Created by the inventor of Olaplex, it's a once-a-week bond-building hair treatment, aimed at repairing hair that is damaged from colour or heat. 

I spray it through my (dry) hair until it's wet and wait 10 minutes (or else I pop it up in a bun and leave longer/overnight to ramp up the results). Then, when it's time for my beloved 'everything' shower, I'll wash my hair as normal — with shampoo and conditioner. It's simple, effective and makes it easy to be consistent.


As for the results, there's an instant improvement:

Image: Before and after epres.

Am I right? My hair just looks... better. It feels smoother, looks shinier, healthier and is way easier to manage post-treatment. 


If you want to read my tried and tested on epres, head here.

OPI Repair Mode, $39.95.

Here it is! 

Another thing I like to do on a Sunday is to sort my ratchet nails out — they grow like CRAZY and almost always end up a split, broken mess. But I can honestly say that this product from OPI has single-handedly saved the health of my nails and made them look a million times better/stronger. 

They were an absolute mess for most of last year (and what, no I didn't tear off my SNS? Ha). I used it twice a day and within a week, my nails were stronger, smoother and healthier. These days, though, I just use it once a week to maintain the results and my nails are now in pretty good nick. A serious game changer.


White Glo On the Go Dissolving Whitening Strips, $15.

Image: Supplied.

At-home teeth whitening is confusing. There's so much out there, and it's really hard to know what works and what's total BS — and there's nothing worse than dropping money on stuff that doesn't work. 


As someone who's perpetually lazy and always on-the-go, I like something that's quick and easy. My brother, a cosmetic dentist, recommended these whitening strips from White Glo — so they're high on my Sunday rotation. I've tried a lot of different whitening treatments in the past, and I like how these don't make my teeth and gums sting. They also dissolve in minutes and taste like a strawberry treat.

Therabody Theraface LED Mask, $899.

Never looked better x


I have a great quality LED mask (I got the Therabody Theraface Mask, $899 — and it might just be the most expensive beauty tool I own). I know, I know. LED masks like this one can be spendy as hell. But they can be so worth it if use them consistently. 

There's obviously a wide range of more affordable options on the market — they're not all created equally and it really depends on the results you're after and how consistent you're actually going to be. (If you're looking for options, we did a tried and tested on light therapy masks here).

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I use my LED mask three times a week (Sunday, being one of the days), switching between red and blue light, depending on my skin concerns. And honestly, I've noticed a difference when it comes to my angry, hormonal breakouts and dull skin. 

My skin looks clearer, brighter and healthier with regular Sunday LED masking as part of my routine. So, it's become a staple in my weekend routine!

There we have it! The perfect reset routine to fool me into thinking I'm ready for another big week. 

Tell me — what's your Sunday 'reset' routine like? Share with us in the comment section below.

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