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Shannon was ghosted by Connor after Paradise. Until the show went to air.

Connor Obrochta and Shannon Baff’s relationship on Bachelor in Paradise was one of the only ones that looked… real.

Whilst other contestants continued to chop and change between various partners, Shannon and Connor only had eyes – and roses – for each other.

Their future looked all the more promising when Connor asked Shannon to leave the reality TV show with him to pursue their relationship on the outside, free of the drama that came with being on the Channel 10 dating show.

“When I went into that rose ceremony I had no idea that he was about to ask me to leave,” Shannon told Mamamia. “No idea whatsoever. I was quite relieved to get out of there and [I was] under the impression we were going to have more time together.”

But soon after leaving the show, Shannon, 26, said Connor, also 26, just stopped returning her calls and messages, and the relationship ended.

You can watch Connor ask Shannon to leave with him here. Post continues after the video.

Video via Ten

“I was trying to organise everything, and he went to LA and then it just totally stopped,” Shannon shared.


The reality TV contestant said she went through a great amount of hurt after “the communication died off and he stopped contacting me back”.

“It felt like a really bad break up.”

When the show went to air, she said it was even more difficult for her to re-watch the season and re-live their romance.

“Watching him say ‘I’m 100 per cent in’, and all this stuff he was saying at the exit interview, it wasn’t the case, so it was pretty hard to watch.”

But then Shannon said something about Connor that seems… very odd.

Connor, who came from an American season of The Bachelorette, did try to contact her once the show went to air in Australia.

Only, it wasn’t to rekindle their romance, or ask how she was going, or to apologise for essentially ghosting her.


It was to ask how he could watch the series.

“Since the show’s been on he has been contacting me,” Shannon explained. “He pretty much just asked me how he can watch it, but I don’t know how he can watch it anyway.”

I feel like that’s something he could definitely Google, or ask one of the producers, or ask anyone but Shannon.


shannon and connor
On the show, Shannon and Connor were inseparable. Image: Ten.

As for the consumption of mango daiquiris on the show (obviously something we were all wondering), Shannon shared that "it's an open bar from 12".

"You definitely come out of the experience and you need to have a month sober," she said.

She also told Mamamia that she "wouldn't be on a dating show again", but would consider doing a different kind of reality TV show, like Survivor.

Perhaps this won't be the last we see of Shannon!

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