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"I'm ashamed and embarrassed." Ivan has apologised for his behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise.

Watching a man continually refer to a woman as “his property” has been a level of problematic we never expected to experience while watching a show that would usually allow us to simply “switch off”.

Yet, Ivan’s behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise has triggered outrage from viewers all over the nation – many identifying it as a clear example of emotional abuse.

From a man we least expected it from.

When Australia first met Ivan Krslovic on The Bachelorette – he was painted as a loveable goofball who lived to dance and didn’t understand the anatomy of an avocado.

He was the guy no one took very seriously. The comic relief.

Our opinion of Ivan quickly changed to one of grave concern on watching him pursue Tenille.

Fuelled by jealousy and furious rage towards her other suitors, his behaviour rendered the other male contestants afraid to speak to Tenille for fear of a physical altercation with the towering dancer.

He was terrifyingly possessive and aggressive in his attempts to isolate her from her fellow contestants – signs many saw as red flags.

But despite Tenille asking him gently to “back off” – triggering what can only be described as an adult tantrum – when he failed to receive a rose, he expressed disbelief.

“I just don’t know where I went wrong,” he told the camera, seemingly unaware of his toxic behaviour.

Now, he seems to have acknowledged his actions in an emotional Instagram story, vowing to learn from his experience and change his ways.


“I would like to wholeheartedly apologise for my behaviour in Paradise… I’m ashamed and embarrassed watching the show back not just as a man but as a human,” the 29-year-old began.

He explained in the screenshot below: ” I was in a foreign environment with heightened emotions and I didn’t realise that past experiences would manifest within me in such a negative way.”

Ivan's Instagram story.

In the second post, he apologised to Britt and Tenille, acknowledging that his behaviour was unacceptable.

Image: Instagram.

"I just want everyone to know that I acknowledge that the way I acted was wrong and that changes have been made.

"We all make mistakes and have some dark moments in our lives that we aren't proud of this is mine for the nation to see," he continued.

"I have realised that this behaviour is just not on and will grow from this.

"It is not the person I am right now or the man I will be moving forward."

Ivan was sent home in last night's episode, failing to receive a rose from Tenille, who instead chose to keep Nathan in Paradise.