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When Davey Lloyd returned to Paradise he was "thinking about Georgia".


“That girl is my future and she will be the mother of my kids. I’m sorry to say.”

These were the words that echoed through Australian lounge rooms on Thursday night, as Davey Lloyd revealed to his ex Florence Moerenhout on the Bachelor in Paradise: Tell All that he was in a new relationship with a woman named Georgia – or “George”, as he affectionately called her.

As the cameras cut to the smiling face of Davey’s new girlfriend, everyone was suddenly intrigued, and confused, as to when exactly the pair met. The Bachelor alum alluded to the fact that he had met Georgia – and formed some sort of “connection” with her – before returning to Fiji to try spark other romances.

The unexpected announcement triggered an adverse response from fans of the show. And when I spoke to the reality TV contestant over the phone following the finale, it was clear he was feeling less than happy with how the whole saga played out.

So when exactly did he met Georgia Cook? One night after he returned to Australia following being dumped from Bachelor in Paradise.

“So I came home, I arrived home on Thursday night, then I met her Friday night,” Lloyd clarifies. “Then they [producers] flew me back the Monday or the Tuesday, so I’d only just met Georgia once.”


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“I met her and we had a massive connection, and we spent the night together,” Lloyd, who is from Sam Frost‘s season of The Bachelorette, explains. “And then I went back on Paradise. We weren’t dating, we weren’t seeing each other.

“But it was enough to trigger how I felt.”

Upon returning to Fiji to film the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, the 29-year-old revealed he “was thinking about her [Georgia], 100 per cent.

“But I also had my mind set that I was going to try and make something work with Florence, but it was an unnatural sort of surrounding with Florence.

“It was a very confusing time for me.


“But I had feelings for Florence, definitely, when I was there; I tried to make that work. And it’s unfortunate it didn’t.”


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As for he if he ever thought about telling Florence, or anyone in Bachelor in Paradise, about the girl he had met while back in Australia, Lloyd maintains that there simply wasn’t anything to tell them.

During the final ceremony, Davey Lloyd had brought with him a commitment ring, which he says he intended to give to Florence had she not dumped him instead.


“I didn’t go all that way for nothing. I had a commitment ring there, which I didn’t even show her, but you have to realise, there’s a lot of pressure put on me.”

The reality contestant explains the fact “you have a week and a half to decide if this person is going to be your girlfriend” added to the pressure and confusion that he felt.

“I respect Florence’s decision 100 per cent, it was probably the right decision at the time,” Lloyd says.

The Bachelor alum continues by saying if he and Florence were meant to be together, they would have met up with each other between season one and season two of Bachelor in Paradise.

“If it was such a big deal, and we wanted to try and get back together, we would have done it in that space,” he shares. “If you really want that massive connection, you’re going to catch up no matter what.

“I think it was a fairytale that would have looked amazing on screen, but in real life it just wasn’t meant to be. I have that fairytale now, after Paradise, except there’s no bullsh*t.”


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Lloyd says that since filming ceased, he has barely remained in contact with his fellow contestants.

“I don’t speak to a lot of people from the show, because when I came back I said to myself: ‘That’s it, I’m not going to do much [within the Bachelor franchise] again’.”

And that includes Florence who he shares, despite saying in the final commitment ceremony that he will always be friends with her, the former couple haven’t spoken much in recent times. Although he does admit he’ll still “always have a soft spot for Florence.”

“I haven’t really contacted her or been in touch with her since I got back because I’ve been with Georgia,” Lloyd, who has now been with his girlfriend for five months, says.

“I need time to myself. I’ve been dumped by her [Florence] twice on national TV.”

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