Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner's 'feud' dominated the Golden Globes. Insiders tell another story.

We might as well forget about who won any of the awards because a conversation between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift has taken over the Golden Globes.

For the uninitiated, a lively gossip sesh involving Selena, Taylor and Keleigh Sperry has gone viral, as fans have decided that the trio were discussing Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet.

In the clip, online commenters quickly decoded that Gomez was telling the other women that she asked to take a photo with her A Rainy Day in New York co-star Chalamet, but his girlfriend Jenner said no to the request. 

Is Jenner his momager? Like mother like daughter? It's all a bit weird.


While a lot of this is conjecture and lip-reading by the largely unqualified, people agree that you can hear Sperry say "with Timothee?" in one of the clips with sound. 

Page Six has since recruited a lip-reading expert Jeremy Freeman who claims that fans' speculation is partly true: Selena was discussing the Wonka actor, but not Jenner. 

Freeman deciphered that Selena said, “He didn’t want a picture with me. He said no.” To this, Sperry clarified, “with Timothée?” and Gomez confirmed with a nod.


However, a source close to Gomez has denied any comments were made about the couple. “She was absolutely not referencing anything about Timothée or Kylie," they told People.

The source added that Gomez “never even saw or spoke to them” at the Globes.

In a statement provided to Entertainment Tonight, Selena's reps said: "Selena never went up to Timothée and Kylie and asked for a photo."

Even though it sounds like Kylie had little to do with the conversation, the whole debacle has become a huge meme, obviously.


The rumours of a feud between Gomez and Jenner began last year over a random TikTok that overzealous fans decided was an act of war between the young women. 

Gomez posted a video where she made fun of her eyebrows, saying "I laminated my brows too much.” That same day, Jenner shared an Instagram Story with the words “this was an accident ?????” positioned over her eyebrows. 

Somehow... people assumed this was Jenner dragging Gomez. 

I don't get it either. 

But the women quickly put this beef to bed. 

"This is reaching. No shade towards Selena ever and I didn’t see her eyebrow posts!" Kylie wrote on a TikTok. "U guys are making something out of nothing. This is silly.”

Selena replied, adding “Agreed @kyliejenner. It’s all unnecessary. I’m a fan of Kylie!”

So maybe, just maybe, this isn't about two women being pitted against each other (again), but just the fact that Chalamet wasn't in the mood to take a selfie with Gomez. 

After losing out on a Golden Globe at Monday's ceremony, can you blame him? 

Let the boy live! And let women gossip freely, it's one of the few joys we have in this cruel world! 

Feature image: Getty.

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