Kylie Jenner, Timothée Chalamet and the wrong question you're all asking.

In life, there are a handful of things we can all agree are very low stakes.

Whether or not you score the beef or fish dish at a distant cousin's wedding, for example. Or what kind of nondescript candle to gift a stranger in the office Secret Santa pool. 

To this list, I would also add the newly confirmed, via a very public kiss at a Beyonce concert, romantic relationship of Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet.

Now, the entanglement of Kylie, haver of famous siblings and secret babies, and Timothée, the man who will soon bring a nightmarish younger version of Willy Wonka to our screens, is not exactly top-tier news. 

Yet judging by the many headlines, podcasts, TikToks and Tweets speculating about their union, it turns out we actually all do care, a great deal.

(No judgment, after all, the planet is on fire and Donald Trump is aiming to be President again, so I'm all for sticking our heads in the sand with a bit of celebrity news for comfort.)

Watch: Kris Jenner on Kylie Jenner's experience of labour. Post continues after video. 

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This particular romantic tale began as all timeless and classic love stories do, with a post on the Instagram gossip sight DeuxMoi.

The account posted that "Timmy C has a new girl...Kylie Jenner" (beautifully phrased) before TMZ added to this Shakespearean tale by posting a series of photos they probably sold an employee's kidney for, all of which show Kylie's car parked in Timothée's driveway.


Adding to the publicity fray is People magazine, a publication known for checking their sources before hitting publish (a rarity in the tabloid world, so worth noting) writing that Kylie and Timothée "hang out every week," but "it's not serious."

"She is getting to know him," the People insider (read: potentially a publicist) continues. "Kylie is having fun. After years of back and forth with Travis Scott (the father of her two children), she just wants to date without any pressure."

As far as evidence goes, this is as much as the celebrity sleuths have been able to gather. Yet it's not the interest in Kylie and Timothée that's coming across as a bit peculiar, but rather the public reaction to their names being linked.

All because the questions being asked don't centre on whether or not he used his Greta Gerwig connections to score them a couple's pass to any of the Barbie reunion parties (the first thing I'd be enquiring about), or if she's asked Kris Jenner to hook him up with a brand deal.

Instead, the main question being asked is, what could they possibly talk about?

Or, more honestly, what could Kylie possibly have to talk about with Timothée?

Now, I'm no hardcore Kylie Jenner fangirl (although if you twist my arm I'd put her somewhere under Kim, but way above Kendall) but the subtext of this online chatter is that Timothée is an intelligent Hollywood star and Kylie is a reality TV star social climber, thus leaving them in conversation limbo.

Listen to a rant about this very topic on The Spill. Post continues after podcast. 


And yes, Timothée spent his childhood growing up in New York and holidaying at his grandparent's home in France, while as a child Kylie once tried to pole dance in front of the founder of the Pussycat Dolls during a family barbecue. 

But it's also safe to say they've both grown up in similar worlds, with a few helpings of fame, privilege, and the odd well-connected relative along the way, so we're not exactly in Romeo and Juliet territory here. 

The subtext behind this online chatter is that Kylie is dumb and Timothée is smart – a theory we have no way of knowing the answer to, but one that seems to be fuelled by little else than a touch of misogyny.

Kylie Jenner built a multi-billion (or multi-million, depending on who you're talking to) empire after all, and runs in the same circles as Timothée. 

They can both be found at fashion weeks and Oscar parties and share a friendship circle peppered with other wealthy offspring and nepo-babies, all of whom it's safe to say converse at the same level.

So instead of asking what Kylie and Timothée could talk about, and insinuating that one is dumber than the other, let's all focus on the important questions at hand.

Like whether or not Timothée will make an appearance on The Kardashians? And if so, will he wear his Willy Wonka costume?

These are the questions that should keep you up at night. 

This story was originally published in April 2023 and has since been updated. 

Image: Getty + Mamamia.

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