A disturbing checklist and assault allegations: The stories coming out of Schoolies 2022.

Content warning: This story mentions sexual assault and may be distressing to some readers.

"F**k a chick somewhere."

"C*m in your hand and slap a chick."

"Hook up with a disabled chick."

They are just three of the items on a Schoolies "checklist" that was shared on social media last week. 

The list, which includes 10 tasks, many involving sexual acts with "chicks", was posted by a teenager in two Facebook groups dedicated to this year's Schoolies celebrations, according to 

"Hey guys, my friends made this checklist for me. Anyone keen to help tick some off?" the unnamed teenager reportedly captioned the posts. 

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According to the publication, one person commented on the Facebook post saying, "I wanna see you do number seven", referring to the task to "hook up with a disabled chick". 

The teenager reportedly responded saying he was "keen for that one". 

Another commenter hit back at the teenager, writing, "Imagine thinking taking advantage of a disabled girl is funny". 

In response, the teenager defended himself, branding it as an "act of kindness".

Many have since gone on to slam the list online, with sexual consent activist Chanel Contos calling out the "misogyny" and "objectification" of women. 

"Feels like Schoolies is the peak of different forms of violence and overt disrespect being normalised," she wrote in a post on her Instagram Stories on Sunday. 

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Further shining a light on the disturbing culture surrounding the celebrations, Chanel, who previously released an Instagram poll about sexual assault last year, invited her 29,000 followers to share stories of their Schoolies experience. 

And they did not hold back. 

Within 12 hours, Chanel received around 70 responses. 

One person pointed out the "intense sexual culture", while another shared that catcalls such as "t*ts out for the boys" have become normalised. 


Others shared what happened when themselves or their friends refused to have sex with boys. 

"A guy came in all my friend's stuff in her suitcase bc [sic] she didn't want to have sex," one person wrote.

"I didn't want to have sex, so he stole my undies and got the boys to hang it on the balcony," another said. 

Another person shared what happened when her male friend put her to bed after drinking, writing she was "grateful he didn't actually assault me". 

"As he left the bedroom to walk back into a room of his friends, he undid his belt and pants and then walked out acting as if he was doing them back up. I remember feeling so sick and alone, they all clapped when he walked out," they wrote. 

"I was too scared to leave the room until the morning."

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There were also allegations of sexual assault, with one person claiming a group of boys from Western Australia were placing fentanyl patches on girls "to rape them".

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Others also shared stories of "homophobia from private school boys" and racism, with one woman claiming she didn't take part in celebrations because she was warned of "racism and degradation of woc [women of colour]".

Here are some of the other stories coming out Schoolies.

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When asked about the response to her Instagram Stories, Chanel told Mamamia: "Reading them is sickening but never surprising."

"If these stories are still surprising people, they haven’t been listening properly," she added.

"It all boils down to entitlement and pressure to be this problematic definition of a 'man'."

If this has raised any issues for you, or if you just feel like you need to speak to someone, please call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) – the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service. 

Feature Image: Instagram/@chanelc.