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yeahyepyes September 19, 2021

@flyingdale flier Australia is predominantly white so you are probably going to see more white people at these events but I think you would be surprised to see the amount of woman and different ethnicities attending

 People are angry at the government for taking away their freedom, it's not just white men who are suffering.

yeahyepyes June 17, 2021

I find it interesting  that you failed to mention that along with being asexual Kerry was also a transexual male. Do you not think that in an article about  sex that this would be a relevant piece  of information?

yeahyepyes May 3, 2021

You talk about'whitening' but it's more about aligning yourself with the majority. If you were in China you wouldn't have an issue with your name, conversely if someone with a traditional western name was working in China then they may find the locals struggle with the spelling/pronunciation. This is precisely why so many people with foreign names choose another name that is 'normal' by local standards. 

yeahyepyes April 17, 2021

None of the other passengers consented to having 2 people do what you did 30cm away from them. How is this ok?

yeahyepyes March 16, 2021

@mel1994 mentioning that someone used to be known as a different name is not dead naming and is pretty important, given the majority of Elliott's work has taken place when he was known as Ellen. Deadnaming would be to insist on calling Elliot, Ellen.

yeahyepyes March 2, 2021

Actually squirting is wee. There are scientific studies which have looked into this in depth.

yeahyepyes March 1, 2021

@james b 

Agreed. Can't understand why people can't just use a bit of clear thinking and not believe all the lies they are being told about Trump. 

yeahyepyes February 15, 2021

We speak about consent but did the other customers consent to having two people having sex in the changing room next to them whilst trying on clothes? Not too mention any body fluids they might have gotten on the clothes that other people will ultimately purchase. This is bad behaviour.