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yeahyepyes February 21, 2024

Who cares???

yeahyepyes February 2, 2024

There's a special place in hell for people who do this type of thing.

yeahyepyes January 23, 2024

I don't think it was that great a movie. Sometimes I think the positive reviews were because people wanted to like it rather than actually liking it. My wife and I found it quite boring. Margot Robbie was fine but not amazing.

yeahyepyes January 21, 2024

@laura__palmer I don't agree with the supposition that comedy shouldn't 'punch down'. Some of the funniest comedians do this. As long as it's funny then it's comedy.

yeahyepyes January 19, 2024

@laura__palmer I think the reason it's funny is because we all agree it's wrong. It's funny to joke about horrific things: Hogan's Heroes, the producers, the aristocrats joke. 

I don't think you are really a comedy fan.

yeahyepyes January 17, 2024

There's nothing lamer than somebody who probably isn't a comedy fan complaining that a comedian is offensive. 

Just ignore it if you don't like it. You've basically just advertised his tour. He's not actually hurting anyone. Nobody is listening to his comedy and thinking that domestic violence is ok. 

yeahyepyes January 15, 2024

Really toxic behaviour from Williams' fans. They should be ashamed of themselves.

yeahyepyes January 13, 2024

Corporations push political agendas all the time with disregard to their bottom line. Some of these same supermarkets we're playing pro-'voice' ads in store during the referendum despite the majority of the population voting against it. 

Similarly with Woolworths not stocking Australia day paraphernalia. If it was simply due to lack of demand, there wouldn't have been an announcement.
I think it's more to do with their marketing team and board being in an echo chamber and not having a good understanding of what the average man on the street thinks.

yeahyepyes January 11, 2024

Ok, that's all good for Hollywood but you still aren't going to date a shorter guy are you? Height (i.e. the guy being shorter than you) is probably the most common deal breaker for women.

yeahyepyes January 8, 2024

I was in a very similar abusive relationship and would have appreciated my family stepping in and giving me the strength to leave her.

The advice that Holly has provided is just wrong.

yeahyepyes December 18, 2023

It's really easy (and satisfying) to judge other people's relationships. Given that they got this far, I'm guessing this is their dynamic. This woman doesn't need a million keyboard warriors telling her she should divorce her husband.

yeahyepyes December 16, 2023

It doesn't sound to me like there was enthusiastic consent from the beginning. I don't think we can rely on vibes alone as vibes can be misinterpreted.

yeahyepyes December 14, 2023

Isn't this just the modern world of dating? Women seem to be throwing themselves at him. I can't blame him.

yeahyepyes December 11, 2023

Just switch it off if you don't like it.

yeahyepyes October 22, 2023

It shocks me that these land councils seem to have learnt nothing and are still insisting that voting no was racist. Their comment "It is fair to say that not everyone who voted 'no' is racist but also fair to say that all racists voted 'no'," is really just a weasely way of calling all no voters racist without calling them racist. They will win no support from this.

yeahyepyes October 14, 2023

@feast I think you are right. They should have just legislated it and tried it for a few years. If people saw that it was leading to genuine improvement for the Aboriginal community then it would have been a much easier sell to enshrine it in the constitution.

yeahyepyes October 14, 2023

@areader it's comments like this which cause division. To suggest everyone voted no is hate filled is incredibly narrow minded. I engaged with hundreds of voters today (yes and no) and the vast majority (more than 95%) were friendly and kind.

yeahyepyes October 4, 2023

I think it's ok to acknowledge that raising children in two parent households is the ideal situation whilst also acknowledging that children from single parent households can also be ok. 

yeahyepyes October 4, 2023

I think it's ok to acknowledge that raising children in two parent households is the ideal situation whilst also acknowledging that children from single parent households can also be ok. 

yeahyepyes October 2, 2023

@60sagnew agree that they should be listened to (as should all stakeholders in any important decision making). Not really sure why it needs to be in the constitution, and if it were, why shouldn't we also call out disabled people, women, immigrants, neurodivergent etc etc. Alternatively why didn't the government just implement the voice through an act of parliament to see how effective it was and then try and get it into the constitution once it was deemed successful?