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yeahyepyes July 22, 2024

Not a chance that Harris can win. It's too late and she's very unpopular and dislikable. 

If they ran Michelle Obama that would have a chance.

yeahyepyes July 17, 2024

@laura__palmer pretty spineless of Jack Black. I quite like Trump but I don't really think someone from a comedy rock band should really be cancelled for saying something like that. Jack Black lost a fan today. Will be lookIng out for Kyle's next project.

yeahyepyes July 9, 2024

I don't think you can really claim to be at a dating disadvantage when you're probably in the top 1% of most attractive people. You never would have auditioned for the show if you weren't so sure of your attractiveness.

yeahyepyes July 7, 2024

I don't think 'testing' our family members is very healthy behaviour either.

Sounds like they all deserve each other!

yeahyepyes July 2, 2024

I find it pretty unsophisticated to be asking guests to take their shoes off.

yeahyepyes June 25, 2024

@maddiejunob I don't think it's fair to write off this woman's lived experience as clickbate. It's her truth and she deserves to tell it. 

Hey sister being trans is extremely important to the story as it creates further complexity in the situation as she tries to balance hey own needs with that of her sister as she navigates living as a woman.

yeahyepyes June 12, 2024

These are all really awful tattoos.

yeahyepyes June 10, 2024

@laura__palmer well often it is a big deal when the wind takes the trolley and it hits someone else's car. 

yeahyepyes June 9, 2024

@laura__palmer not at all. We need to help people not get into this situation!

yeahyepyes June 9, 2024

He created a monster

yeahyepyes June 6, 2024

@laura__palmer those people are employed BECAUSE people are inconsiderate. If people put their trollies back, these jobs wouldn't need to exist. We don't throw our litter on the ground because people are paid to pick up litter.

yeahyepyes June 4, 2024

I'd be really interested to see what decisions this woman has made to get in this situation. We all know Centrelink is rubbish but what can you do to avoid having to rely on it.

yeahyepyes May 29, 2024

I think it's dumb for them to complain however I think the reason they are complaining is just a reaction to the erosion of men only spaces/clubs etc. Women are very quick to cry discrimination when it's them being excluded, this is just a reaction from men. I'm firmly of the opinion that if women want to congregate together and exclude men then they bloody well should but the same should be ok for men.

yeahyepyes May 29, 2024

Do you not feel this article excuses treating this poor man like dirt?

yeahyepyes May 27, 2024

@shonnyp well ozempic has been around for at least 5 years and wasn't fast tracked. I think the upside of Ozempic is probably a lot great and worth the risk to a lot of people when the upside from the covjd jab isn't so clear. 

yeahyepyes May 21, 2024

@laura__palmer not really surprised 

yeahyepyes May 19, 2024

@laura__palmer well generally men are more interested in things and women are more interested in people. This was demonstrated in a study by Simon Baron-Cohen (yes, Borat's cousin) where they looked at babies and how they reacted to different objects. As a result men tend to be better at object based stuff (e.g. Fixing stuff) and women tend to be better at nurturing. This is also demonstrated in the animal kingdom where females are more strongly inclined to care for their young than males.

yeahyepyes May 18, 2024

@mamamia-user-482898552 True, you can buddy up with a friend, but I'd argue that its better if it's a member of the opposite sex as there's a much better chance that you will have complimentary skill sets. Additionally a romantic partnership, despite the high divorce rates, probably has a better chance of surviving long term than two friends where there probably a good chance one of them could find a romantic parter and move out.

yeahyepyes May 18, 2024

This is nothing new. Partnering up is what people have done for thousands of years to survive. The best thing you can do (especially when there are children involved) is to find a decent partner and battle it out together.

yeahyepyes May 18, 2024

@bec_l it's not a human right. You can't force companies to stock sizes that aren't going to earn them money.