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sj. February 13, 2024

Everyone raves about this foundation, Leigh Campbell is an oily gal like me and she rates it, so I bought it. 
Thank goodness it was so cheap because it was awful!
It oxidized into an oompa loompa mess and separated.

I was mortified when I saw my face in the mirror at work after a few hours wear, I had to scrub it off in the sink with some paper towel, I couldn't standthe thought of looking like that for the rest of my work day. 
Save your money and time. If you're an oily gal and still want a drugstore option, L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation is a much better option 

sj. February 13, 2024

I don't watch the Olympics, watching sport is not my thing but I would watch this.
I've been saying in the years since Lance Armstrong was denounced when everyone else was pretty much doping and he was still the best, they should just have their own games. 
That and having an everyman/woman in each event of the real Olympics to act as a barometer to show just how impressive the athletes are. 

sj. February 6, 2024

@simple simon It's very MLM isn't it? LOL

My partner and I have been together for 12 years, not married.
We started getting asked around the 4 year mark when we were having kids, when we're getting married, has he proposed yet?
Uhhh it's so tiresome and boring. 
Ask us about our next holiday or what our favourite dinosaur is or who can run faster...anything but THAT! 

sj. January 31, 2024

@rk in sydney  without having ever watch MAFS and only ready this article, I agree with you. Sometimes we're so keen to see the bad in people we often don't have the grace to offer the benefit of the doubt. 
I often feel really disappointed in myself for not being able to maintain relationships better. I have had several long term jobs and made many friends, but once that employment ends so do the friendships, same with high school and uni. 
I just don't have the capacity to maintain so many friendships from so many periods in my life so I have a very small group of friends who I adore. 
Sometimes people just aren't good at it and the reasons aren't always nefarious. 

sj. January 16, 2024

The hangers are horrid and terribly outdated but they may be something your son will look back on fondly. 
My grandmother hand crocheted all her grandchildren patchwork blankets with flowers on them. Boys, and girls, we all had that blanket on our bed at one point as kids. 
It's something that bonds all of us cousins and we chat about fondly. 
I'm sure our mothers found they weren't to their taste but the blankets weren't for them afterall.

sj. January 12, 2024

I just cut my long almond-shaped nails short before reading this! 

I have been wearing my nails long in either a stiletto or almond shape for nearly 10 years. 
I'm turning 34 this year and feel like I want to tone down my wardrobe and thus my nails which are an accessory, of course. So short nails in soft neutral colours will be my jam for the year.
I think on me, they look much more that the right word? 

sj. January 7, 2024

I think the key phrase here is "Good managers".
Every single one of these 5 things managers want us to stop doing would be seen as varying levels of insubordination at my workplace. 

sj. January 1, 2024

Before I saw there was an update I was going to give this fool the benefit of the doubt and say he's either a young widower, his ex hasn't collected her stuff yet or he's house-sitting for someone with a nicer place than him.
But nope, he's just very stupid. 

sj. December 28, 2023

These articles are so important and the use of clear facts is invaluable in dismantling the damaging mentality behind the nuclear family. 
There are men in my life who insist their partner stay home to raise the children should they have them without thinking of the financial, physical and mental consequences for the primary caregiver. My mother was a STAHM of 6 children. She would often remark that she didn't understand why women bother continuing to work just so they can "waste their paycheck to pay someone else to raise their children". She hasn't said this since I pointed out how crucial it is for women to remain in the workforce so they can remain relevant to their employer so as not to be overlooked for future career advancement, continue accumulating super and ensure their skills remain current. 
Honestly, this and the added mental load has made me realise I don't want children and I was someone who as a child always envisioned myself as a parent. Now that's not a life that is feasible. 

sj. December 22, 2023

@gu3st you mustn’t be familiar with the way people speak nowadays. He is absolutely not talking about “smacking” her butt. This is indeed a way of talking about sex, it’s derogatory in just plain gross to say as the entirety of your wedding vows 

sj. December 18, 2023

@gu3st what?

He was literally telling all their friends and family the only thing he cares about is f@&king her. That’s “all he’s got”. That is all her worth is. That is all he cares about when it comes to her, is that she put out. Y’all “wokery” is effed up. I’m more convinced than ever that straight men actually hate women 

sj. December 13, 2023

@hamster It might help a little but I honestly don't think it would do a great deal.
But at least you're coming up with ideas which is awesome and way more than our politicians are doing which is just saying the token line "we need to do more"....but then not ever coming up with ideas for what the "more" is. 
It's really disheartening to scroll through insta reels and tiktoks to see this rising trend of street interviewers who ask particular questions of men and women that are designed to humiliate women and make them feel small and stupid. 
Parents may be raising their boys but society are moulding them into the men we see.

sj. December 5, 2023

@laurenella I think you will find when asked what they do, they will tell you 
"their best".

sj. December 4, 2023

Just another reason why I despise "mumfluencers" and family blog/vloggers another reason to not give them any attention.
They exploit their children online without their informed consent (they are minors and cannot fully comprehend nor give informed consent) for attention and profit. 
It's a sick and nasty thing to do, many of them know full well the potential risk they put their children in in terms of online predators and now cases of abuse behind the scenes to create content are becoming more common. 
It's gross and pathetic and needs to be seen as such so that these people loose their followings and prevents future exploitations from happening. 

sj. December 1, 2023

@mamamia-user-482898552 That is fantastic!
I'm going to pinch that haha 
One time after being asked if I have kids and answering no thinking that would be the end of it, the guy asked me "why not". I answer "because I'm too smart for that".
He did NOT like that answer LOL 

sj. December 1, 2023

Everyone raves about the Flower Beauty foundation.
I would like my $9.95 back lol
If you're an oily skin gal, steer clear.
By the end of the day I looked a hot mess. It had broken down horrifically and oxidized so I looked like a shiny, blotchy oompa loompa 

sj. November 30, 2023

Let's normalise asking parents why they had children! :P 
They will give you one answer "because we wanted them" and yet my answer of "we don't want children" is often met with pity or scorn or comments like "you don't know what you want".
Ah yeah I do because I have my own list of literally all the reasons I DO NOT want them where as parents have just that one reason, yet I'm viewed as the selfish one.
Go figure 

sj. November 20, 2023

Thank you! 
This is a brilliant observation.
I listened to the podcast as was completely baffled Tristan Redman began this project wanting to uncover the truth but in the end, closed ranks with the Dancy family so as not to be disowned for uncovering their dark family secret. 
How did he go from being so angry about mediums being fraudulent to then ending with a medium's final say on what happened?
This family enjoys the power and notoriety of the men in their family that they just eliminate the women's ACTUAL achievements. 
By trying to preserve this family's reputation, he did more damage by exposing them for continuing to cover for a serial killer. 
He would have been better off not releasing the thing at all. 

sj. November 13, 2023

They're not my claims, there's been articles from Australian government organisations and universities who have made these claims. 

sj. November 13, 2023

Fertility struggles are so devastatingly common in a way that seems recent even though I know even just a generation ago it was entirely hidden so my observation of it being "recent" can be taken with a grain of salt.
I just wonder if there are any studies taking place to see how our modern lifestyles are affecting our bodies and fertility. 
So many of the products we use (tampons, pads, hair dye, nail polish/acrylic nails, food packaging, carpet and so many more) contain harmful endocrine disruptors that can not only cause cancer and other illnesses but also INFERTILITY and no one is talking about it! 
This use of these chemicals is never going to go away and so unfortunately heart breaking stories like this are going to continue to become more common