Everyone's talking about Quiet On Set, except these few people who should.

Content warning: This story includes descriptions of child sexual abuse.

When Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV hit screens across the globe last month, it left viewers shocked.

The four-part documentary series, which is now available on Binge, examines through interviews and court records the insidious power imbalances that led to an unsafe work environment for famous children on the tween television network Nickelodeon. 

The documentary exposes sexual harassment, racism, misogyny, bullying, child sexual abuse, and a culture of toxicity behind the scenes on many of our favourite childhood shows. 

One of the most upsetting revelations of all is what child star Drake Bell endured at the hands of acting and dialogue coach Brian Peck on The Amanda Show.

Peck was arrested in 2003 on 11 charges of child sexual abuse with a then unnamed child actor - later identified as Drake Bell, well known for his starring roles in The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh.

In 2004, Peck pleaded no contest to two charges of child sex abuse. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison and ordered to register as a sex offender.

Bell chose to share his story publicly via Quiet on Set for the first time. 

He revealed he was 15 when the abuse began.

"It just got worse and worse and worse and worse. I was just trapped. I had no way out," he said during the documentary. 

"The abuse was extensive and it got pretty brutal. I don't know how to elaborate on that on camera, really… Why don't you think of the worst stuff that someone could do to somebody as a sexual assault, and then I'll answer your question. I don't know how else to put it."


When Bell finally faced his abuser in court, he was flanked by just his mum and his sister.

Peck had a room full of supporters. He had Hollywood on his side. 

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In total, 41 people wrote letters of support for Peck, which are used to influence the judge during sentencing. 

Many of the letters asked for the judge to put Peck on probation rather than having him serve time in prison, and the letters spoke of his 'good character'. 

Among the recognisable names that voiced their support for Peck were Ron Melendez, Alan Thicke, Bell's former The Amanda Show co-star Taran Killam and most notably James Marsden.

In his letter, Marsden noted that he had known Peck for 14 years. 

"I assure you, what Brian has been through in the last year is the suffering of a hundred men," he wrote.

Bell's co-star Taran Killam wrote in his letter: "I've seen the effects this situation has had on Brian and I know for a fact that he regrets any mistakes made."


Drake & Josh star Drake Bell then and now. Image: Nickelodeon/Quiet on Set.

Other actors, including sitcom stars Will Friedle and Rider Strong, also wrote letters - but later regretted doing so. 

The duo spoke about the decision to do via their podcast, saying they were "naive" to believe Peck.

"[Peck] asked us to support him and go to court with him, which a lot of us did. And we're sitting in that courtroom, on the wrong side of everything — of course, having no idea of this — filled with child actors. To the point where the victim's mother turned and said, 'Look at all the famous people you brought with you. And it doesn't change what you did to my kid.'"


Friedle and Strong apologised for their role. Bell has since spoken about his reflections on those who wrote good character references for Peck. Bell has since noted that both Friedle and Strong were adults when they wrote their letters, and Bell also alleged that the duo were aware of the then allegations against Peck.

"I really appreciate their perspective now, but that day is so ingrained in my mind," Bell said in a fifth bonus episode of the docuseries. 

"I worked with Will [Friedle] on Spider-Man and there was a lot of opportunity to apologise or talk about it and [he] never did, but also, it's a very difficult subject to bring up, especially in a work environment."

Bell said he has since had an "amazing conversation" with Strong and has "nothing but love and forgiveness for him."

James Marsden and Taran Killam have never publicly spoken on the matter nor privately reach out to Bell, according to the actor.

It speaks volumes — the silence of Hollywood.

If this brings up any issues for you, contact Bravehearts, an organisation dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse, on 1800 272 831.

Feature Image: Nickelodeon/Getty/Canva.