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kelloneill June 27, 2020

If we didn't have reality TV, what would we have to talk about? How about our inspired ideas, world events, anecdotal stories, the well-being of our loved ones, shared interests like music, sport and hobbies. Creating a list of bad reality TV shows implies that there is such a thing a good reality TV. The whole concept is an insult to humanity; expecting the viewers to believe in scripted trash and then tricking the audience into judging other human beings for behaviour that is heavily directed and then edited for dramatic purposes. I watched Big Brother in 2000 and that was enough to teach me that this sort of programming just dumbs down society. I can't believe TV producers haven't evolved beyond this over the last 20 years. 

kelloneill May 30, 2020

"My god, I hope my ex never reads this. Worse, if his wife or my husband read it and think they’re pears with brown spots on them. Or have worms."  Speaking of worms, you've opened up a whole can of them! Hope this article doesn't come back to bite you.

kelloneill May 19, 2020

Back in my early childhood, Dannii was the famous one! She was in Young Talent Time and I thought she was great :D Another person that could have been in this story is Paula Ciccone, Madonna's sister. Madonna has a lot of non-famous siblings but Paula was on Oprah in the 90s and looks and sounds so much like Madonna. She was a struggling model back then and described having Madonna as a sister as 'emotionally traumatic'. I'd imagine it would be hard on your self-esteem to have someone outshine you your whole life. On a side note, she seemed more down to earth that Mads, so maybe fame isn't always a great thing.

kelloneill May 14, 2020

@gu3st Naomi Watts has two sons. The child you're referring to is Kai. Society is so conditioned to thinking in terms of gender stereotypes that long hair and the colour pink make us think 'girl'. What's interesting is that if Kai was a little girl but had shorter hair and blue pants on, you may not have been as quick to wonder who the 'boy' is as we've made great strides in regards to girls wearing pants (see what I did there?) :D In my opinion, kids can wear whatever makes them feel happy. It's a form of artistic self expression to present ourselves in our own way. I feel 100% positive that a lot of kids throughout history have preferred clothing that has been labeled as only appropriate for the opposite sex - I don't think it's anything new - accepting kids as they are is what's new.

kelloneill April 25, 2020

I think you did a better job than the salon - the hairs were pushed up in a more natural arc than the pic of your salon brows. I just wish mine were thick enough for this.

kelloneill April 24, 2020

Get well soon Jane - her and Rob are two of my faves from The Late Show days....just a side note, you state she fell from a tree in the second paragraph - then it goes on to say she slipped on the stairs. Either way, glad she's okay :)

KellONeill March 21, 2020

Anneliese wasn't the only one suffering from a mental illness. I believe that the type of religious beliefs that her parents held, are also forms of self delusion. Their daughter wasn't possessed by demons, she was indoctrinated into a belief system that exacerbated her schizophrenia. All the talk of devils and sinning made her struggle one million times worse than she would have if she had been cared for by parents that sought the correct medical assistance. This story is so heartbreaking.

KellONeill March 16, 2020

The decision has been made for me. Being a casual worker, I have been given no shifts at all for the next two weeks.

KellONeill March 12, 2020

But this article has scared me. I'm supposed to go to work in a busy large scale shopping complex this weekend. Now I feel like I should cancel my shift. I'm a casual employee however and no hours worked means no pay. Now I don't know what to do.

KellONeill March 11, 2020

Oh poor Rose - she wouldn't be able to save and every dollar would have to be watched and only spent on necessities. This is the reality for a lot of Australians 24/7.

KellONeill February 16, 2020

And as an older nonmenstruating woman you become more eco-friendly – no more pads and tampons clogging up the drains.

So you're saying you spent years flushing pads and tampons down the toilet? Here's a piece of wisdom you can impart - don't flush sanity products. I thought everyone knew that.

KellONeill January 20, 2020

I really dislike it when people throw around the whole "Do they never age???!" comment. They've quite clearly aged and don't look quite like they did fifteen years ago. They look like they take care themselves however and had a team involved to make hem look their best on the night. I'm more interested in how they look happy and seemingly comfortable to be around one another again. It's obviously none of our business but it sure is a fun distraction.

KellONeill December 29, 2019

Yep - these months are the absolute worst. It isn't endless lovely sunny days here in Australia - Summer down under is all about sweltering hot hell fire that feels like molten lava being slapped across your face every time you step outside. It's seat-belt clickers that reach high enough temps to scorch your hands and car interiors that turn into instant saunas. The burns, the sweat, the itchy mosquito bites and the endless war on trying to look attractive whilst showing off all the skin!! Give me cool breezy Autumn or Winter days anytime. I honestly don't get all the love for this time of year at all. Having said that, I hate it when I'm grooving through a deliciously atmospheric stormy Winter's day and someone tells me how 'miserable' the weather is - so if you're a Summer lover, I'm sorry for being a downer!

KellONeill October 10, 2019

I'm more concerned with the whole 'influencer' phenomenon. Influencing the general public isn't a new millennial Instagram thing - it's advertising 101. The fact that your heart sank when you realised denim was this month's fashion focus means you hate denim and how it feels on your body. Forcing yourself to wear a pair of jeans in the hope that you can 'make' yourself feel comfortable is pretty silly. Denim, with it's restrictive feel, buttons and zips can be torture if you're not a Size 6 - resulting in both physical and psychological anguish. I have refused to wear denim for over a decade because of this. If you don't like jeans then screw what this month's focus is - job requirement or not.

KellONeill September 4, 2019

What a wonderful story of serendipity!

KellONeill August 31, 2019

So she's saying, if you're good at being on top of things, then own it and stop trying to be adorkable. At the same time, try to be a little bit imperfect because kids need to see parents be flawed and okay with it.....but don't be fake about it because if you try to steal her thunder by being the hot mess Mum, she'll crack - that's HER thing, not yours.

Bleedin' hell.

KellONeill August 30, 2019

This story does not offer one bit of information on how he treats her otherwise. Not one word about his attentiveness (or lack thereof), nothing about kindness, patience, humour, understanding and emotional support. It's all about "I didn't get any pressies!" For all we know, he's a lovely guy who just forgot to pamper his materialistic partner with gifts. He was on the phone to his family after the child was born, so he was obviously happy and excited and..... present! That's really the only sort of 'present' that matters.

KellONeill August 25, 2019

For someone seemingly so enlightened, I find it surprising that you found what this guy said to be 'brutally honest'. He wasn't being honest - he was being kind. Everyone is ready to be with what they consider the right person. Intelligent, interesting and wonderful people like yourself get rejected everyday simply because the chemistry isn't right. To quote a well known phrase, 'He just wasn't that into you'. Maybe it was the fact that you consider hundreds of texts a day to be normal and 'only' ten to be a sign of something wrong.

KellONeill August 23, 2019

It's not rocket science - just sell one of the vehicles out of your classic car collection, fire your housekeeper, get monthly manicures instead of weekly and delay your yearly trip abroad for another twelve months. Easy.

KellONeill August 22, 2019

His behaviour was considered out of character? Really? Bursting onto stage like that was impulsive, indulgent, opinionated and entitled. He had a point of view which obviously wasn't shared by the majority of voters so he stole someone else's moment to have his say.....sounds like Kanye to me.

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