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kelloneill September 15, 2021

The whole franchise was indeed problematic but I disagree about Bella. She did have an identity. She was a quiet, introverted tomboy. She liked trucks and motorbikes, listening to music and reading and she was loyal to her family. Sure she ended up being a bit of a drip when it came to romance but that was a major part of the story. As for Edward - take away the anti-aging bonus of being a vampire and you'd have a decrepit old dude seducing a teenager. That fact always blew me away. He 'looked' like a teenager so the creepy age difference and all the power imbalances apparently weren't an issue.

kelloneill August 4, 2021

When I was growing up in the 80s, my Grandparents equated denim jeans with being unkempt and thought wearing op-shop finds made me look 'poor'. Now here I am not being able to disassociate mullets from bogans. We get stuck in our thought processes as we age I guess. Yes, in the 80s, the cool kids wore them but when they died off on the 90s and 2000s, anyone hanging on to the trend looked out of touch; like they weren't moving with the times.  I'd also like to point out that there are two types of mullets: the 80s Rob Lowe look of longish at the front and then longer at the back (which actually doesn't look half bad) and then the super blunt bowl cut that goes way around past the ears and then changes into a sudden mop of long hair at the back. I feel like no-one can pull that latter style off well, ironically or otherwise.

kelloneill July 28, 2021

Beauty standards are so fickle. I was a teen and twenty-something in the 80s and 90s and we all wanted flat backsides. During that era, the answer we wanted to hear to the question "Does my butt look big in this?" was a straight up "No!". I've had a bubble butt all my life and even at my tiniest, I would want to cry if my shirt or cardigan stuck out at the back - I longed for a flat side-silhouette. Now big butts are all the rage. I've since decided that being authentic, kind and as healthy as you're able to be is what should be in fashion. 

kelloneill June 29, 2021

Each and every face I see in the world looks completely original to me. Sure, being humans, a lot of us look like each other but my eye notices everything and I recognise people even if I haven't seen them for over twenty years. I thought everyone saw faces like I do until these celebrity doppelgänger stories started circulating via tabloids and then the internet.  I see similarities in so far as hair colour and facial placement but they're 100% their own people and have a look that is all their own. I also recently heard about Prosopagnosia, otherwise known as face blindness and it totally blew my mind. 

kelloneill June 27, 2021

Skyhooks were wrong when they sung about ego not being a dirty word. Handlin got all pouty because he made it about him instead of being proud of the woman whose talent won the award. She'd thanked him twice already, the fact that he rained all over her parade because she didn't drop his name a third time is ridiculously infantile. Let the lady have her moment for goodness sake.

kelloneill June 13, 2021

How has Perez Hilton never been cancelled? Mischa seems like a sensitive and thoughtful person. It's no wonder she struggled with so many parasites wanting a piece of her.

kelloneill May 30, 2021

@cat I was hoping it wasn't him - great series but devastating ending :(

kelloneill May 12, 2021

Dakota was so graceful during that interaction. She was calling Ellen out and speaking her truth but without any arrogance or attitude. As for the 'favourite comedian' line - that looked like a genuine slip up that she handled beautifully after her sudden realisation and hilarious faux walk off. 

kelloneill May 5, 2021

I'm Generation X and from South Australia. The friends I grew up with all use the term 'biffy' for these types of things. From what I can gather it's a mixture of basic bitch behaviour and self-satisfied smug people who are actually extremely boring.

kelloneill April 12, 2021

I relate to this completely. I've never been co-dependant or needy for company and companionship. I have friends and family around me but I can honestly say that I enjoy doing most things alone. I overthink when around others: are their needs being met? Do they like what we're having for dinner, are they annoyed I'm taking too long to decide, is where we're sitting in the restaurant too cold or noisy?! When I'm alone, I know all the answers to these questions and choose and act accordingly. It's so peaceful. People always seem baffled that I remain single - but it's a conscious choice rather than a lack of luck. Wish more people understood this.

kelloneill March 24, 2021

I admit I don't watch the show and clicked on this story to satisfy myself that I was correct in my thinking that this sort of programme is damaging. Instead of feeling smug however, I was left feeling baffled that this average looking Joe would label Melissa as...."not ugly per se but certainly not the usual blonde and blue-eyed woman that I usually go for." I then clicked on the Insta story and was surprised to see a blonde, blue eyed woman who has the typically pleasing type of beauty you usually see in newsreaders and soap opera stars. Her face is stunning. If she isn't considered attractive then I'm completely out of touch with the current standards of beauty.

kelloneill March 11, 2021

I turn 47 y/o next month, so I obviously grew up around the influence of Boomers. Their attitudes still swirl around my mind but I reject a lot of those thoughts as I have learnt a lot from the younger generations. Sharon Osbourne's way of seeing the world is very familiar to me: cynical, judgemental and opportunistic. People of Sharon's ilk justify their harsh thinking with talk such as "Well...I've been to hell and back and I turned out ok." "Geez...people are so offended these days. Lighten the hell up." "Things weren't this complicated when I was young." But here's the thing: there were ALWAYS minorities and people getting trodden on in YOUR day. The privileged folk who had it easy...just...didn't...give...a crap. And if you were actually one of those people who were treated badly but were told to toughen up, then I have news for you: wanting people to suffer just because you did, means you DIDN'T turn out okay. All the woke generation want is for people to be kinder and things to be fair. That's it. 

kelloneill March 6, 2021

He's not mentioned in this article but Coby was definitely my favourite - the actor's ability to play a seemingly unlikable character in a way that made you love him was so impressive. You just wanted what was best for him the whole way through. I adore Ryan Corr.

kelloneill March 3, 2021

I understand this story demands a fair amount of suspension of disbelief but I think the director should have insisted that the character's accents should have changed when the astral projected souls swapped bodies. Sure, it makes sense that Scottish sounding Rob would put on an English accent as to not blow his cover whilst being Adele and Louise but why would he have bothered that first time they swapped bodies? As soon as he 'awoke' in Adele's body he instantly lost his Scottish accent. And as Adele woke up in Rob's body beside the well, she was disoriented and unsure about the experience - surely, although using Rob's voice box,  she still would have retained her posh sounding English accent, no? Instead, whilst Rob is injecting his own body with heroin, Adele (trapped inside his body) is expressing her Felt like a mistake to me.

kelloneill March 3, 2021

One of my favourite books from my teenage years was Stranger With My Face by Lois Duncan. The whole plot was based on twin girls who were separated at birth: one was adopted out straight away and had a wonderful family life, the other went through the foster system and was miserable. Long story short, the tragic twin knew how to astral project and tied to teach her long lost twin so she could inhabit her body. Due to that book, I figured out what was going on in this show halfway through. Kind of wish I hadn't though, as it would have packed a better punch if I'd been caught unawares..

kelloneill February 22, 2021

@cat I read a similar story on Quora about demi sexuality - when someone commented saying "Um...that's just how everyone feels isn't it?" the original author replied "Welcome to your coming out party!" The comment made me smile as we quite often assume that our own experiences are how most people feel. It may just be that you probably identify as demisexual too Cat....which, as you've quite rightly pointed out, is probably more common than we think. 

kelloneill February 4, 2021

I've worked in retail all my life but disagree with being annoyed when someone answers "Just looking" when we say "How are you?". Customers are savvy enough to know that we don't really give a hoot how they are - it's a sales technique to open up a line of dialogue to snag a sale. "Just Looking" gives me permission to leave them to it without having to do the hard sell. 

kelloneill January 10, 2021

Decades ago, is wasn't socially acceptable to whinge about how hard the whole mothering gig is. When it finally became okay to vent and to admit that it's bloody difficult (as you did within many brackets above) it suddenly became the norm to trot out cliches about "wine o'clock" and "when will the hollies end." If you feel like you can't be honest about how it's both bad and good being a parent, then maybe you need to encourage more real conversations within your Mother Group. Any topic can become stale with too much small talk. Maybe try a casual "Oh my gosh, those home schooling timetables do my head in too but it's been pretty nice working at our own pace and having time to just enjoy their company." I doubt a lovely 'admission' like that coupled with a few amusing anecdotes about your kids would garner judgmental stares. If it does, then maybe it's time to find yourself another tribe to chat with.

kelloneill December 31, 2020

I 100% assumed that the Naomi Watts ad mentioned would be the one where she chooses a home cooked lamb roast dinner over a date with Tom Cruise. 

kelloneill December 28, 2020

"I love jokes, I think it was very funny. I actually don’t understand it really well, the joke. But some people tried to explain it to me, so I kind of get it. But I love jokes,” Hilaria says.

She loves jokes - especially those that she doesn't 'get'. Bleedin' hell.