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kelloneill April 17, 2024

My hair is super fine, dead straight and flat. That IS my natural texture and volume (or lack there of). I’d love to have bouncy, old money, Brooke Shields type hair but I’m more like Marcia Brady. I’m stoked to know my natural hair is out of style.. How about we ditch “trends” and just do what works for each of us. Diversity should be what’s in fashion.

kelloneill April 10, 2024

I had always adored James Marsden. When someone said they'd watched the documentary showing that he and others had written letters of support, my first assumption was that Brian Peck had fooled them all. When I finally watched it myself and read the letters, I was appalled. They knew what he'd been accused of but chose to support him anyway. I was sickened and shocked! Comments like "He regrets his mistakes." His mistakes??? Like 'Oops, I abused a kid.' No! It's not a mistake -  it's a CRIME. 

kelloneill April 5, 2024

This wording is interesting. Describing their marriage as a tennis match makes it sound like they were continuously volleying crap back and forth and are relieved to “finally” put their racquets down….which, on a side note, are used for hitting. What on earth are they trying to say with that? If a PR person wrote it, they’re either geniuses or seriously clueless. If Sacha or Isla wrote it together then was it an attempt at humour? And if one of them wrote it alone, then was it a not so subtle swipe at the other? Bizarre.

kelloneill February 18, 2024

@ashleybell76 being a non-swiftie means you may not understand the story behind that song. It's pure satire and a clapback at the media. Reporters were so obsessed with Taylor's dating life during this period that they painted a picture of a boy-crazy woman who could get men but not keep them, who would make them fall in love with her but then flip a switch and go mad. The song is written from the perspective of a mentally unhinged character and not based on Taylor's belief system. Taylor does not write nursery rhymes set to music. She's a highly intelligent 34 year old woman who has penned lyrics about the atrocities of war and frontline workers, true crime, addiction and depression, the complexities of divorce, losing a child, grieving a Grandparent and the importance of self expression and resilience. Having an opinion is all well and good but I implore you to make it an informed one.

kelloneill October 8, 2023

@simple simon You actually are privileged if you think getting a loan is easy. I am the carer of an adult autistic son, I rely on the Carers payment to supplement my small income as I can't work full time as well as care for him. The bank won't even consider me for a small loan let alone one big enough to fund plastic surgery. It's not only the super rich who are privileged, its middle class "average" comfortable people too.

kelloneill August 21, 2023

This isn't about love at all. It's about loneliness and the subconscious desire to choose the feeling of being adored over admitting to yourself that's it's all fake. No rational person - even with average intelligence would fall for this unless they actually want to. There was a special on Dr Phil where they literally proved to the people being catfished that it was all fake and yet they chose to still believe it all anyway. I know they say "don't blame the victim" but if they're choosing to believe something that is so obviously fake, are they really victims? It's 2023, we all know to not believe an online stranger that promises the world but never lets you actually meet them and then asks for money. I mean, c'mon...

kelloneill May 5, 2023

This reminds me of Mia and her comments regarding Gwyneth on The Panel back in the 90s. I recall the other hosts were all quite shocked by her candour.

kelloneill November 27, 2022

This is why I find it so upsetting when people romanticise the past and say phrases like "the good old days" or "things were so much better back then". Because obviously, for vulnerable little children like Julia, it wasn't. Adults were so dismissive and neglectful of a young person's psychological development in the past. The fact her parents, her Aunt and the people who owned the bar had that "she'll be right" attitude, astounds and appalls me. There will always be men who are peadophiles, groomers and predators but at least now - caregivers are more aware and alert of such dangers and young people now know that if a trauma unfortunately manages to occur, they have every right to be loud about it and demand to be heard. I'm so glad she triumphed in her later years and has found peace.

kelloneill November 17, 2022

The issue I have with the latest Jennifer Aniston photo spread is that she doesn't actually look like that. Everyone is pouting about her looking "too young" for the average woman to aspire to. But she doesn't look 23 years old at all - in real life she looks like a well preserved 50-something woman who exercises regularly, has great style and has maybe had one or two cosmetic procedures done. Her face is puffy and swollen and looks nothing like it did during her Friends period. Without the suspected fillers and botox, I'd imagine it would probably look pretty much the same:  just more droopy. I'd blame photoshop and the magazine editors before I'd blame Jennifer. But I do wish that society would became obsessed with style and character over "youth". An older woman coming into her own and still seeing herself as a living work of art is more interesting than a middle aged woman chasing what she looked like in her 20s. 

kelloneill November 2, 2022

Is she just trolling the whole world with this ridiculousness? If anyone who can afford this crap actually goes ahead and buys it, then the jokes on them. I find it offensive that there are people out there struggling everyday just to put food on the table and people like Gwyneth and The Kardashians think it's hilarious to pour money into a business that does nothing to make the world a better place. Makes my blood boil. If I had this much money, I sure as hell wouldn't be investing in this kind of foolishness. 

kelloneill October 30, 2022

Police only released an image of a male suspect, a short voice recording and a sketch of the believed killer. Now, five years later, an arrest has finally been murdered. 
 I'm assuming an arrest has finally been *made. 

kelloneill October 5, 2022

I'm a lot more overweight than I was in my youth (48 y/o here) but I truly want to know: do all the slim people I see walking about have a lifestyle that is super restrictive and strict? As in, do they eat hardly anything and exercise three times a day? Because I exercise 40 minutes a day and eat "normally" from the healthy food triangle but is this considered an unhealthy, overweight's person's behaviour? People seem to think it's so simple and easy but if being slim is what is considered the normal default, then why is it so hard to achieve? Not every overweight person is a couch potato who eats junk food all day, so something else must be going on.

kelloneill September 20, 2022

I walk around thinking I follow most of what pop culture delivers so imagine my surprise at having never had heard about this all! I had to google it to make sure this story wasn't a hoax :D

kelloneill September 19, 2022

Whilst I understand your point, human psychology rarely changes. It's just the way the human mind works. Advances in awareness, technology and societal sway, rarely have much impact on our base instincts. We can say that we agree her privacy should not be infringed upon, we can intellectually know that speculation based on a 30 second paparazzi clip is outrageous. But ultimately, the general public (even the most moral and kind of us) finds a celebrity's fall from grace fascinating. She's a beautiful model/actress with high profile romances and endless cash at her disposal. Realising that even someone who has everything going for them can become addicted or depressed or mentally ill is shocking and intriguing. It's in our nature to want the facts, to know the story and possibly the inside knowledge that not everyone is privy to. It's an endless cycle of human nature, money and greed. I've even found myself convinced that meth or ice is the culprit in this particular situation and I have obviously never met the woman or have any idea what I'm talking about. I know better and yet my mind still goes there. I'm not sure this phenomenon will ever end, we'll just continue to regret our behaviour after the fact.

kelloneill August 24, 2022

In a twist of irony, some people often label others as toxic after they experience them putting up healthy boundaries. A self-centred person for instance, who expects the people in their lives to jump whenever they say how high, can retaliate and label them as 'toxic' after they feel betrayed or inconvenienced by what they see as a lack of caring. I've witnessed many sit there and complain about how the other person is the bad one when it's their unrealistic exceptions and volcanic emotional reactions that are the main problem. 

kelloneill August 3, 2022

Many red flags here - "she's my LITTLE bullet" "I call her my baby BABY" "She makes ME feel so loved and special." "I was thinking about how great she LOOKED".  Along with the age gap and probable grooming being a major problem, I'm also troubled by the reason behind his adoration. I didn't hear any talk about how smart she may be or how clever or interesting or funny she is. He's seemingly more enthralled with how young and small she is and how she makes him feel wonderful about himself. As soon as she hits middle age and doesn't look like she does now, he'll lose interest. She'll end up being either a discarded trophy wife or a widow by that point who wasted her youth on the wrong person. 

kelloneill August 2, 2022

I worked in a music store in the 90s - Shania's debut album was released in 1993, not 2003 like it states above. We played her best selling album, Come on Over all day every day for months on end in 1997 and it stayed on the charts for over a year. I thought she was just a glamorous, uncomplicated,  fluffy woman but the documentary was an eye-opener. I may not be that impressed by her music but I admire her strength and determination as a person.

kelloneill August 1, 2022

@rush I had the same thought. The psychology behind this behaviour is something that needs to be addressed more. The absolute absence of empathy and the desire to harm others is positivley terrifying. Were they born this way or abused themselves as a child? What Moore did and the atrocities that Tate is also running around committing are as alarming and disturbing as a serial killer. I don't understand why he only got a small sentence when he was not only causing people to consider suicide over his actions but also encouraging other disturbed people to hunt down the victims and commit all kinds of abhorrent acts. He's a menace to society and yet seemingly as free as a bird. Makes no sense to me.

kelloneill July 28, 2022

Coincidentally, just this morning one of my favourite feminist Tiktokers mentioned this man's name in one of her vids.  I had never heard of him before and now I'm reading this article in much as I applaud the sentiment behind this piece, I do wonder if it's wise to keep spreading the word about him, as it just makes him go more viral. A man like this is emotionally disturbed and should be arrested for spreading hate and violence to a large and vulnerable  population. It's terrorism against women and makes my blood boil. How do we get him cancelled? Surely freedom of speech doest apply when he's publicly confessing to multiple hate crimes and abuse.

kelloneill July 18, 2022

The video included with this story isn't about Martha and Sue. I wanted to see what they looked like but it's about another baby switch. Scary how often mix-ups occur with newborns - it makes you wonder how many other times it may happen and people never find out.