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kelloneill January 10, 2021

Decades ago, is wasn't socially acceptable to whinge about how hard the whole mothering gig is. When it finally became okay to vent and to admit that it's bloody difficult (as you did within many brackets above) it suddenly became the norm to trot out cliches about "wine o'clock" and "when will the hollies end." If you feel like you can't be honest about how it's both bad and good being a parent, then maybe you need to encourage more real conversations within your Mother Group. Any topic can become stale with too much small talk. Maybe try a casual "Oh my gosh, those home schooling timetables do my head in too but it's been pretty nice working at our own pace and having time to just enjoy their company." I doubt a lovely 'admission' like that coupled with a few amusing anecdotes about your kids would garner judgmental stares. If it does, then maybe it's time to find yourself another tribe to chat with.

kelloneill December 31, 2020

I 100% assumed that the Naomi Watts ad mentioned would be the one where she chooses a home cooked lamb roast dinner over a date with Tom Cruise. 

kelloneill December 28, 2020

"I love jokes, I think it was very funny. I actually don’t understand it really well, the joke. But some people tried to explain it to me, so I kind of get it. But I love jokes,” Hilaria says.

She loves jokes - especially those that she doesn't 'get'. Bleedin' hell.

kelloneill December 21, 2020

I found it odd that she's a Mother and yet her husband described her as a "beautiful daughter, sister and loved wife".  I hope she gets caught and either faces the consequences of her actions or gets serious help with her mental state - anyone who could drop $250,000 of someone else's money at a jewellery store has mental health issues - the over extravagance and lack of guilt or empathy paints a disturbing picture. 

kelloneill September 24, 2020

I've tried to watch This is Paris all the way through three times now - I've done so mainly due to the reviews saying that there is more to her than what we've always seen. After getting three quarters of the way through however, she still comes across incredibly removed from the real world, extremely entitled and unaware of how the rest of us live. I saved for a whole year to afford a MacBook Pro back in 2011 and yet here's Paris lamenting the fact that she has to buy a new computer each time she gets a new boyfriend...she literally has a huge stack of them that have either been broken or discarded for a newer model. She's also not happy because she hasn't made 1 billion dollars yet and 'just wants to feel secure'. Regardless of any pain or loneliness she's experienced, I still don't see a woman that the average person could relate to. I didn't see any hint of the so called genius or intelligence her Mother says she possesses and I also didn't see her show any empathy or compassion for anybody else outside of her shallow bubble. I've never been a fan though and I definitely  wasn't converted after watching her act pretty much how I expected her to.

kelloneill September 3, 2020

Even her supposedly real last name is a clue: Gotschall - say it slowly: Gotcha All - as in - Got You All. This woman is an evil genius.

kelloneill August 13, 2020

Or you know....artists just like to create something different to what they've done before because producing something new and exciting is fulfilling and healthy. Maybe their is a constant need for some women entertainers to reinvent themselves to stay relevant but with all her billions of dollars, it seems to me that maybe Taylor just threw any people pleasing notions out the window and made an album from the heart -which is what artists who are true to themselves have been doing for eons. Oh - and just to give my two cents worth regarding's a wonderfully written and atmospheric album. If I wasn't a 'swifty' before, I am now.

kelloneill August 6, 2020

@snorks - I do believe them. People with first hand knowledge would know better than me. I was just making the point that all of us have moments of not being nice. I sympathise with those that state they were treated badly but I also empathise with someone living through a character assasination. It's an interesting discussion however and as someone stated above; she chose to make 'nice' her currency, so maybe that's why finding out she's a flawed human being hits harder.

kelloneill August 6, 2020

None of us are perfect and all of us are multi-faceted and complex. I'm a bubbly, friendly and caring person...except when I'm not. I can snap when under great stress, ask to be left alone when I'm over-stimulated and can be rude when I feel like I've been pushed into a corner. I doubt any average human being could withstand the amount of scrutiny that comes with world-wide fame and still come out smelling like a rose. I obviously don't know Ellen personally but I have a sneaking suspicion that she's actually a great human being who just happens to be as imperfect as the rest of us.

kelloneill August 5, 2020

I clicked on the link and it's saying the price point is $66.55. Not as cheap as what you mentioned in the article.

kelloneill July 29, 2020

I really enjoyed this article 😄 I found the Jude story especially lovely. I had the song Accidentally Kelly Street by Frente and less commonly known "Kelly Watch the Stars" by Air. Both tracks are from the 90s though, so don't get mentioned aa much as they used to. 

kelloneill July 12, 2020

This one was a shock! I grew up watching Kelly's movies. This particular film wasn't mentioned above but I especially loved her performance in Secret Admirer with C Thomas Howell and Lori Loughlin. I also felt a sense of kinship with her (as silly as that sounds) as we both have the same first name and a son with ASD. Fifty seven seems way too young....her kids must be devastated :(

kelloneill June 27, 2020

If we didn't have reality TV, what would we have to talk about? How about our inspired ideas, world events, anecdotal stories, the well-being of our loved ones, shared interests like music, sport and hobbies. Creating a list of bad reality TV shows implies that there is such a thing a good reality TV. The whole concept is an insult to humanity; expecting the viewers to believe in scripted trash and then tricking the audience into judging other human beings for behaviour that is heavily directed and then edited for dramatic purposes. I watched Big Brother in 2000 and that was enough to teach me that this sort of programming just dumbs down society. I can't believe TV producers haven't evolved beyond this over the last 20 years. 

kelloneill May 30, 2020

"My god, I hope my ex never reads this. Worse, if his wife or my husband read it and think they’re pears with brown spots on them. Or have worms."  Speaking of worms, you've opened up a whole can of them! Hope this article doesn't come back to bite you.

kelloneill May 19, 2020

Back in my early childhood, Dannii was the famous one! She was in Young Talent Time and I thought she was great :D Another person that could have been in this story is Paula Ciccone, Madonna's sister. Madonna has a lot of non-famous siblings but Paula was on Oprah in the 90s and looks and sounds so much like Madonna. She was a struggling model back then and described having Madonna as a sister as 'emotionally traumatic'. I'd imagine it would be hard on your self-esteem to have someone outshine you your whole life. On a side note, she seemed more down to earth that Mads, so maybe fame isn't always a great thing.

kelloneill May 14, 2020

@gu3st Naomi Watts has two sons. The child you're referring to is Kai. Society is so conditioned to thinking in terms of gender stereotypes that long hair and the colour pink make us think 'girl'. What's interesting is that if Kai was a little girl but had shorter hair and blue pants on, you may not have been as quick to wonder who the 'boy' is as we've made great strides in regards to girls wearing pants (see what I did there?) :D In my opinion, kids can wear whatever makes them feel happy. It's a form of artistic self expression to present ourselves in our own way. I feel 100% positive that a lot of kids throughout history have preferred clothing that has been labeled as only appropriate for the opposite sex - I don't think it's anything new - accepting kids as they are is what's new.

kelloneill April 25, 2020

I think you did a better job than the salon - the hairs were pushed up in a more natural arc than the pic of your salon brows. I just wish mine were thick enough for this.

kelloneill April 24, 2020

Get well soon Jane - her and Rob are two of my faves from The Late Show days....just a side note, you state she fell from a tree in the second paragraph - then it goes on to say she slipped on the stairs. Either way, glad she's okay :)

KellONeill March 21, 2020

Anneliese wasn't the only one suffering from a mental illness. I believe that the type of religious beliefs that her parents held, are also forms of self delusion. Their daughter wasn't possessed by demons, she was indoctrinated into a belief system that exacerbated her schizophrenia. All the talk of devils and sinning made her struggle one million times worse than she would have if she had been cared for by parents that sought the correct medical assistance. This story is so heartbreaking.

KellONeill March 16, 2020

The decision has been made for me. Being a casual worker, I have been given no shifts at all for the next two weeks.

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