GOOD NEWS: Pets are now officially permitted in every single NSW apartment block, by law.

It’s okay if you read the headline and cried. We did too.

Yes, we may be on the emotional-edge following a year of bushfires, lockdowns and the ongoing threat of a global pandemic, but there is GOOD NEWS to be shared now - so you can bet your bottom dollar we are going to be shouting about it. (And then crying tears of pure joy shortly after.)

A massive decision made in the Court of Appeals now means that pets are officially allowed in every single apartment in New South Wales.

Permission for your face to do exactly this:


The momentous court decision came as the conclusion to a four-year-long battle between Jo Cooper and her ‘Horizon’ apartment building in Darlinghurst. 

Jo was determined to win the right to keep her miniature schnauzer in her unit, despite her building having a ‘blanket ban’ on pets. As you may have cottoned-on, Jo won her fight and now there is an actual law in place to stop apartment blocks from placing bylaws to ban pets.

We’d like it to be stated for the record that Jo’s miniature schnauzer’s name is Angus, and Angus is now the ambassador for all floofs across NSW. 


So what is the fineprint surrounding pets in apartments now? You know, before we all run out to the RSCPA and grab the furry friend we’ve been longing for.

Well, the unanimous court decision (made by three judges) means that no building in the state of New South Wales can put out a ‘blanket ban’ of pets. However, there still can be sneaky side-dish restrictions put in place by strata, which can restrict more specific things like ‘barking dogs’ or ‘six hundred cats’. 

BUT, this is still a huge win! 

Now this new beloved law means that things can only be changed if a case opposing the legislation gets taken to the high court. Which could happen, for sure. But for now, GRAB YOUR PUPPERS AND CELEBRATE. 

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