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gypsy January 5, 2022

@rush Yes you are right but it depends also on Grace’  personality. I was the Grace and the tables turned. My mother though was not Grace’ mother she could clearly see the flaws in the other sister and didn’t like what she saw. I was successful in my career and extremely happy. Have been successful financially in life. Sister’s looks really got her nowhere. I was ok but she thought she had the edge. Now she is jealous of me you can see it a mile off.  I am  just me and do anything for my family,  which includes her strangely enough. A nice personality is a way better characteristic, looks fade on everyone. I have 3 lovely kids she produced a clone of herself without the looks. A right piece of work. Hang in there Grace, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I silently enjoy watching her squirm sometimes, its funny. 

gypsy January 4, 2022

@katev1  Well don’t have her in your life. Seriously,  I went through it and I eliminated them from my life. Both parents in law were as bad as each other. Not good  influences on my children and they barely saw them over  their whole growing up years. You have to take control of your life. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around and treated badly. Good luck but be strong. I am trying to help you, sometimes people need support to actually tackle the problem. 

gypsy January 3, 2022

I don’t get people if someone rang my phone regularly at 6 they would get the engaged tone as the phone would  be off the hook. You have to  take  control of your own life and not allow people to control  your environment. People wouldn’t get away with nonsense if others didn’t allow  them to. Take control. 

gypsy December 16, 2021

@km So you know,  all of Australia’s hearts are broken, we are so with you. I was in town yesterday when the flash came over my phone that one had died, I cried and had to go and sit in my car for a time. Please feel the strength of Australia behind you. 

gypsy December 15, 2021

@random dude   In this instance referring to the politicians running the show in NSW ie too young, too stupid.  I thought that was obvious as I was answering a person that said ‘madness to carry on with the plan’ Who makes the plan in NSW? Liberal politicians and their main worry is always  m o n e y  hence $$$$. Hope you understand now. 

gypsy December 15, 2021

@fightofyourlife  Agreed, if we can see it why can’t they? I’ll tell you, it’s the almighty $$$$, all they care about. 

gypsy December 15, 2021

@pauli   One word -  FOOLHARDY. 

gypsy December 15, 2021

Wear your mask when your commonsense tells you to, ie. over and above what’s stipulated.  You don’t need to listen to a young bloke. At the end of the day he is only a man, like Morrison, in spite of what he thinks, he isn’t god. 

gypsy December 15, 2021

@gu3st  You are absolutely correct, I will be doing same, I’m sure as hell not going to do what a 39 yr old bloke tells me to do. It’s so irresponsible. Gladys didn’t follow health advice fully, he really doesn’t, relentless risks. 

gypsy December 14, 2021

Good luck NSW, we have such a clever Premier, he has pushed out 6 kids so he has  great respect for human life. Knows it all at 39. 

gypsy December 7, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552  You are soooo right, his scruples are on display aren’t they? Corruption is just acceptable by the looks of things, quite unbelievable actually. Gobsmacking. Also, has the audacity to belittle ICAC. They are way more intelligent and better qualified than him. Marketing as opposed to big legal degrees. 

gypsy December 2, 2021

Goodness me we have wonderful role models in the Librral Party don’t we. It just keeps  coming. Before you  use the line ‘they are all the same’ nah, The Libs definitely have the monopoly here its stems back to their DNA, arrogance and no respect for women. 

gypsy November 29, 2021

Re pending Federal election. If Australians  are stupid enough to reinstate Morrison and not see through his tricks a manoeuvres they deserve what they get. Even his own  ministers are tiring of him, the lies and controlling attitude. He and Frydenberg bulldozed and baled up the female member that crossed the floor the other day. They have learnt nothing. Still no respect for women. She should not have allowed them to get away with it,  women have to be tough.  She should have walked away and gone in her own time. Forget about the tears be strong. Arrogance personified. 

gypsy November 28, 2021

Australia is open for business - We have to learn to live with the virus - We can’t stay closed off forever to the world - The end of mask wearing - let the unvaccinated have ALL the same privileges.   Yeah right, all those clever words from Morrison and Dom lasted a long while.   Maybe they need to stop tempting fate,  they are not as clever as they think they are. 

gypsy November 27, 2021

@cat Oh gosh Cat I have said that in the past he is the one that hurt his wife and vows. I’m not blaming Carol for that I was making the point that she was a dark horse. As the other person said,  to boast an allegiance to that particular organisation Is a little contradictory. She failed her friend ie Robyn but he has done the real damage. Neither behaved honourably. There is a saying Derryn Hinch always had and it is quite true, ‘all history owes the dead is the truth’.  AND yes, adultery has been around since Adam was a boy, absolutely. 

gypsy November 24, 2021

I can’t help feeling sorry for Robyn, a lot to digest. Carol they say was fun loving, that is one way of describing her. Also a dark horse. 

gypsy November 24, 2021

He promised a Federal ICAC too and that hasn’t eventuated. What an insult to NSW ICAC to refer to them as a Kangaroo court. When Gladys said ‘I don’t need to know about that’  to the boyfriend, it showed she knew he was up to no good. They skim over it like it doesn’t matter, it very much does matter that the leaders are honest and straight. Unfortunately many are not that is what Morrison is worried about, he probably wouldn’t have many left. 

gypsy November 23, 2021

Jacqui Lambie calls it how it is, what a nice change, straight, direct and honest. She has summed Morrison up perfectly 

gypsy November 21, 2021

I remember it happening, too sad for words. Love to you all.  Good on you for forging  ahead which resulted in the legislation. 

gypsy November 18, 2021

Oooommm the whole thing is peculiar, I’m not convinced the police are barking up the right tree.