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gypsy September 23, 2021

@cat Well said, Australia is a good example of what you just said we are run by a marketing man. We are not working or dominating. 

gypsy September 21, 2021

@cat  This article explains that the vaccine was NOT the cause of the deaths.

gypsy September 21, 2021

It is truly unbelievable, words fail me. We have an advertising man, an ex policeman and Barnaby running Australia. We need some real qualifications happening here or god help us. 

gypsy September 21, 2021

@cat That may well be so but it simply proves the older people were definitely not exempt from the problem and they were not going  to wear it.  What Pfizer deaths are you referring to, as I am not aware?

gypsy September 20, 2021

@cat  Gosh I just read this, after all the discussion about over 60’s feeling dispensable by the government the TGA report of a couple of days ago gobsmacked me. Supposedly the young were more vulnerable to AZ clotting. Well!

TGA:- The overwhelming majority of deaths reported to the TGA following vaccination occurred in people aged 65 years and older. 

Maybe Morrison needs to read that article. He was using up his unwanted stock on the over 60’s. I think he forgot they vote. Weren’t we ridiculed for rejecting AZ and wanting Pfizer, we were NEVER anti vaxers.

gypsy September 19, 2021

@cat No doubt anything can have risks but the clotting from AZ has been a problem, now they are treating it fairly well but the unfortunate people that have been affected, even when escaping death, are on blood thinners for a very long time. Blood thinners are not a drug a 19 yr old really wants to be taking.

gypsy September 18, 2021

@cat The Norway deaths were not attributed to pfizer, other issues going on. The anti vaxers latched onto that apparently and distorted the information. Common problem. 

gypsy September 14, 2021

@random dude  Lol,  I have to agree with that. 

gypsy September 13, 2021


“Sadly, two people died this week – a 59-year-old woman from Queensland with confirmed TTS and a 54-year-old man from NSW with probable TTS. Both were following their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The TGA extends its sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones”

These last two bring Australia’s total to 9, they may not agree with you Cat. 

We have covered this topic before and we have different opinions but you won’t convince me. Glad you are talking to me again. Hope you are well. 

gypsy September 12, 2021

@guest2  You are right, only recently there was talk of Morrison having hair transplants going on. Wasting his time nothing he could do would make him appealing. 

gypsy September 11, 2021

@suz  Yes ego comes into play. Big old Ego. 

gypsy September 11, 2021

@suz   Well Suz there is no denying, he is responsible for deaths. If the population had had some safe decent vaccine we would have been done in the lull when we had virtually no covid. People were not anti vaxers they were anti AZ. The rollout has been abysmal. Even young ones in Sydney willing to take a chance on AZ still couldn’t get an appointment for an age. They make it sound like it was the person’s fault when they died unvaccinated and they weren’t the correct age at that time to be done. I believe the whole age thing was age discrimination on many levels. . 

gypsy September 9, 2021

@guest2  Oh me too, now she is going to do a Morrison and retreat from being answerable. I am appalled at the audacity. Daniel Andrews fronted the media for in excess of a hundred days last year during their crisis. Pathetic. 

gypsy September 8, 2021

Re MORRISON’S secret antics. When will people realise the reality of this man. He keeps us in the dark like a lot mushrooms. He messed up with the vaccine purchase and people have died as a result. It was an extremely huge error on his part and he must be made accountable. He should resign his position but of course never would. People do a lot less and lose their jobs, look at the Australia Post CEO. A few paltry watches not issues directly detrimental to people. He is a disgrace. 

gypsy September 6, 2021

@suz  AND cocky. 

gypsy September 3, 2021

Gladys has failed miserably, she said herself we got it wrong. The first 8 days was where she failed, she would not lockdown and assess the situation. I would lock out NSW too if I was the other states. She is very over confident, last year I clearly remember a snide remark out of her mouth I saw and heard her say it. She said ‘if you were in Victoria or Qld you would be locked down now’ as NSW had some cases. I thought at the time, prevention is better than cure, don’t be too cocky it might come back to bite you, IT DID. She placed too much onto contact tracing and it brought her unstuck big time and the whole of NSW. 

gypsy September 2, 2021

@grumpier monster   I feel very sorry for Victoria, all they have been through and NSW removalists infected them. Disgraceful behaviour with terrible consequences . 

gypsy September 2, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552  He and Victoria were treated very badly last year and Morrison wasn’t there for them as readily as he came to the table for NSW. 

gypsy August 24, 2021

@katp  I am sorry I offended you, I was not correcting you but letting you know why I, left the ‘u’ out. I can see that you could have taken it that way but it was not my intention.  I feel there is a huge difference with compassion,  towards refugees, with Labor compared to Liberal. Not in the  same street at all. 

gypsy August 21, 2021

Channel nine, was then and probably still is  a boys club. Remember, Lisa wasn’t treated fairly either.