A man refused to believe women get their periods at night and dear god, please help us. 

Oh… dear.

There’s a man out there in the world who either believes that people die each night then come back to life in the morning (yikes), or that the uterus has some kind of “off” switch for sleeping… or BOTH, and hun.

That’s not… right.

What’s worse – he actually tried to undermine the woman he was talking to during the concerning exchange.

Good lord.

Look, we get that periods – and the uterus in general – can be confusing. But it is the reproductive organ in which an actual human baby grows, so we feel there are some things men should really know about *how it all works* by their mid-20s.

Starting with the very simple fact that periods don’t sleep.

(Thank you, sir, for reminding us why giant night time pads exist).

Watch: If your period was a person. Post continues after video.

In fact, it seems he thought his female friend was, erm, broken because she bled throughout the night.

He then told her she was both dumb AND crazy to assume ~a man~ would know about periods.

…Because men only need to know how to use power tools and change tyres, not a silly thing like how the female anatomy works.


Behold, courtesy of Twitter user @farahgamo, who posted the alarming message thread:

Image: Twitter.

Body shuts down.


We just...

We can't.

It's clear he had selective hearing during biology lessons and desperately needs to be schooled.

Enter the internet:






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