Um. This wedding dress design makes it look like you got your period mid ceremony.

In perhaps the strangest fashion trend of the year thus far, clothing that looks as though it’s covered in period stains is becoming a thing and we don’t want it.

It appears there’s more than one designer out there who has gone rogue with red clothing dye on white fabric and they need a stern talking to.

Earlier this week, we had the Marks and Spencer bikini that’ll make you look like you forgot to take your mooncup to the beach. But now, there’s a dress design that’ll make you look like you forgot to take your mooncup to your wedding.


Enter the dress that will make you look like a giant, human-sized tampon with a face walking down the aisle and in your wedding photos for years to come.

Yikes. Image: Facebook.

Look, we love a wedding dress which shuns the all-white tradition, and we're all for ending the stigma surrounding periods. But melding the two together in one dress design to wear down the aisle?

Yeah, nah.

The dip-dyed gown popped up in a bride-shaming group on Facebook, which a woman captioned; "Am I the only one that thinks tampon?" (she wasn't).

Several social media users went on to discuss the anonymous bride's unusual choice to wear the tulle equivalent of a used tampon on her wedding day.

"Maybe she knows she's going to be on her period during the wedding and didn't want to take any chances ruining the dress," one theorised.

"I didn't see it until I read the caption and now it's all I can see," somebody else added, while another hopefully pondered: "Maybe different lighting and a different angle would help it to look better."

But hey, if a period-themed wedding is what the bride is going for: we hope she has a bloody great day.