The best dating show on TV tonight is on AFTER Married At First Sight.

Just in case you didn’t have ENOUGH reality TV to watch tonight, what with Married At First Sight, I’m A Celebrity and My Kitchen Rules, I have another show to add to your list.

It’s on immediately after Married At First Sight and it’s the best dating show on TV right now. (Sorry, MAFS!)

Called One Night With My Ex, it’s First Dates meets Ex On The Beach… but even better (and without the fake tans and bikinis).

Image: Channel 5

The premise is simple - couples who are no longer together are reunited in a hidden camera-filled apartment for 24 hours, in which they must answer the big questions about their relationship, both the good and the bad, and address why they broke up.

Think "Did you cheat on me?" and "Have you slept with anyone else since we split up."

At the end, they must decide whether they want to give things another try or end it for good.

It's raw, confronting, relatable and entertaining - and the situation that many of us have often dreamed about having with that ex.

Listen: Need to catch up on MAFS? Step right this way. (Post continues after audio).

Originally airing on UK's Channel Five, the first episode was on Channel Nine last week, immediately after Married At First Sight. You can catch up on the first episode ahead of the second episode tonight on Nine Now.

Scoffing at the name and ready to change the channel, I watched for just 10 minutes. I was hooked and immediately texted some friends to tell them to tune in too.

Image: Channel 5

On screen, we watch difficult conversations being had and real emotions felt. There is ugly crying, slammed doors and, depending on the answers received, hearts breaking all over again right before your eyes. It's impossible not to feel their pain yourself.

Most refreshingly, it's a show that reminds us than great TV doesn't have to be full of manipulated drama. Often, real life is enough.

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