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Nick Cummins' telling Instagram comment on Brooke Blurton's Bachelor in Paradise trailer.

Bachelor in Paradise is just around the corner, and we are growing increasingly excited for the daiquiri-filled ~drama~… As well as Osher’s face which we so sorely miss seeing in our weeknight watching.

From what we’ve been teased with so far, this season promises some loose ends from Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor tied up, meaning we might finally find out what the hell actually happened between him and Brooke Blurton.

In a recent trailer, it was revealed that the Perth social worker has a secret to share with the nation.

Specifically a secret about Nick Cummins that “he’s gonna hate [her] for”.


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What sticky situation did the Honey Badger drag our beloved Brooke into? You’ll be shook ???????? #BachelorInParadise

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“I feel there is probably something I should tell you girls,” she tells fellow contestants Cass, Alisha and Cat. “He told me not to tell anyone and I’ve protected him for this long. I don’t want to have to protect Nick.”

She has tea to spill and excuse us while we grab some napkins in anticipation.

If you cast your minds back to last year, you’ll recall she was one of the front-runners from day one, complete with the twinkly violin music whenever she appeared on camera.

Then boom, off she went sans-rose in a limo at the second-to-last rose ceremony, leaving fans demanding answers.

So when we saw this trailer, we were delighted the answers might finally come out.

The fact that she says “he’s gonna hate me for this,” suggests it’s something that might paint Nick in a bad light, so could it be that he had told her he hadn’t fallen for anyone before the finale?


On the Bachelor in Paradise Instagram, the Honey Badger himself has weighed-in, and it’s made us wonder whether Channel 10 are just playing us for fools…

“Hah, what a stitch up,” the former Wallaby commented, with what we detect as blatant sarcasm.

Responding to his comment, Bachelor in Paradise alum Leah Costa added “hahahaha this comment… dead. You have to admire it is pretty funny watching what you supposedly did or said back in a completely new and creative context.”


So it could all be, as Nick puts it, a "stitch up" and Brooke's big reveal is just overproduced... nothing.

Or, as Costa herself had theorised earlier, we could all be on the money and he told her to walk to avoid embarrassing herself, which means Nick genuinely is feeling "stitched up"  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Either way, can Bachelor in Paradise hurry up and air?