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The text message Nick Cummins sent Brittany's brother before the finale aired.


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The question Brittany Hockley was left with after being rejected on last night’s Bachelor finale, only moments after exactly the same thing had happened to fellow finalist Sophie Tieman, was: “So, is that it?”

After eight weeks of dating two dozen women, was Nick Cummins seriously just going to stand there at the end and say, “Nah, I’m all good, thanks”?

Well, in short, yes.  That is precisely what happened.

But when Mamamia spoke to Brittany, we were curious if there had been any contact with the 31-year-old since the show had finished filming.

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“He did reach out to a few of the girls at the start just to check in and say ‘are you okay?'”, Brittany said.

“Unfortunately for me he didn’t feel like he could do that immediately for whatever reason, I’m not sure,” she explained. But Nick did send a message to her brother soon after the finale aired, who he had met at home visits in Brittany’s home town of Port Macquarie.


“They obviously hit it off at the home towns and he [Nick] just said, ‘Heads up, it didn’t work out the way we thought and can you just look after Britt for me’.

“In one way that was nice but I would have appreciated that call straight up like the others got,” Brittany said.

Um, yeah. Same.

“They both love doing the same things and have the same sense of humour,” Brittany said of her brother’s relationship with Nick, “so I think they probably, I wouldn’t know, but I’m sure they’d have a chinwag every now and then which I’m okay with. It is what it is.”


We wouldn’t like that at all.

And rather than reaching out to a sibling, it might have been nice to get a lil’ “Are you okay?” text from the guy who broke up with you on national television. And if we were Britt, we’d still be waiting for those three little words Nick forgot to drop in the finale.

No, they’re not ‘I love you’.

Just, ‘I’m really sorry,’ would have sufficed.