"I'll wear it forever." 12 fashion investment pieces the Mamamia team say are worth every cent.

Fashion trends come and go. But investment pieces are forever.

Not only are they timeless, but they're a much more sustainable way of shopping, and will save you plenty of money in the long run. 

Now, we know how hard it can be to justify dropping a good sum of cash on a single bag or jacket. We've been there. 

But we're going to forget about that for today, because we've enlisted the help of the Mamamia team to hear the best of the best fashion success stories. 

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Here are 12 of the team's favourite investment pieces that were worth every cent.

Everlane The Court Sneaker, $165

"A pair of white ethical sneakers are a wardrobe staple. You can wear them every day without thinking about whether it matches your outfit (they go with everything). A definite win." - Emmeline Peterson.

Image: Everlane. 

Rag and Bone Engineer Jean, $385

"These Rag & Bone jeans are my absolute favourite. They're such a cool style and are the best quality, I've had them for four years now and they are still in perfect condition." - Talia Phillips.

Image: Rag and Bone. 


Bassike wide heritage slim short sleeve t-shirt, $100

"Bassike shirts fit, wear, and wash so well. I have both the long sleeve and short sleeve style in a few colours. $100 feels like a lot of money for something so basic, but they're the best." - Talia Phillips.

Image: Bassike. 

Holly Ryan Lost Treasure Coin Necklace, $420

"A necklace in real gold or gold plating is a beautiful investment. You can wear it every day without it tarnishing or breaking - I haven't taken mine off in years." - Emmeline Peterson.


Image: Holly Ryan. 

Hansen & Gretel England blazer, $349

"This Hansen & Gretel blazer is my absolute wardrobe MVP, I never tire of it and if they keep making it, I'll probably buy another one when it's threadbare. A good quality classic tailored blazer that fits you well (whether that's oversized or more snug) will never be a bad investment. You can dress it up, dress it down, and wear it season after season no matter what the trends." - Tamara Davis

Image: Hansen and Gretel. 


Dr Martens in Jadon Pisa Leather, $339.99

"I truly think I will wear Doc Martens for the rest of my life. They are a staple in my wardrobe and have been since I was a teenager. They last you years which makes them worth the price. This year I bought the Jadon Pisa Leather boots. They are extra chunky and I love that they have a zipper on the side." - Amelia Rounds.

Image: Dr Martens 

Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 25", $119

"I learnt the hard way that you CANNOT skimp on your leggings if you actually want them to last. Outside of my day job I'm a reformer pilates instructor, so I spend most of my spare time in activewear doing some form of physical activity. I need my leggings to stay with me through it all - from boxing and bouldering, to weightlifting and calisthenics, and these Lululemon Align Leggings have never let me down. Depending on style they range form $94-129 AUD, but they are worth every cent, and are not only the most flattering leggings in existence but also the most comfortable as they feel like a second skin. My legs are also on the shorter side, so I have a hack where I buy the 7/8 length to fit my body perfectly." - Maddie King.

Image: Lululemon. 


Superdry Classic Leather Biker Jacket, $399.95

"A good quality leather jacket will never go out of style, and you'll have it forever. I looked around during summer to find one I loved on sale, so I got a good bargain. But I honestly think they are worth every cent!" - Lily Allsep.

Image: Superdry. 

YSL Sunset Chain Wallet, $2810

"This is definitely a spendy purchase (although I got mine discounted!) but my best investment is my YSL Sunset bag. I still absolutely adore it, it makes any outfit look a little more dressed up, and the quality is amazing. It's something I plan to keep forever and looked at it as an investment piece." - Simone Masci.

Image: YSL. 


Lioness Welcome To The Jungle Blazer, $89

"I'm sure $89 doesn't sound like much of an "investment" to most people, but I struggle with spending money on any clothes, so I ummed and ahhed over picking a blazer that would fit into my wardrobe for a good few weeks. I happened upon this one from the Iconic and it is easily the cheapest piece in my closet in terms of cost-per-wear. Love it." - Emma Gillman.

Image: The Iconic. 


Gucci Princetown leather slippers, $1095

"I have had my Gucci Princetown slippers for about five years and I still love them. I have worn them to death! They add a nice polish to so many different outfits and can be worn throughout the year. They vary in price starting at $1,095 for the plain ones but when I got them they were a little cheaper. I dont think they sell the ones with the floral embroidery anymore, but these are the ones I have!" - Talia Phillips.

Image: Supplied. 

Agolde Riley High Rise Straight Crop, $289.82

"I'd heard the most amazing things about Agolde jeans and they really are worth every cent. They fit like a glove, don't lose their shape and the straight leg and raw hem combo is perfection. I wear them at least once a week." - Charlie Begg.

Image: Emia Fashion. 


Rebecca Minkoff Diamond Tote Baby Bag, $400

"I bought this Rebecca Minkoff diamond tote baby bag years ago when my son was born and it's been one of my favourite buys ever. At the time I deliberated over spending too much on something that was just to hold nappies and pouches of baby food (it was around $400), but I wanted something that still felt like me and didn't shout "I NOW HAVE A CHILD!". You use it every day for a year - or more - so it's worth getting something that's quality and that you love. In fact, I still use it today as a weekend or travel bag. So, new mums: BUY THE BAG!" - Michelle Fry.

Image: Supplied. 

While this bag has been discontinued, some of our favourite alternatives include: 

St James Backpack Nappy Bag, $269.99

Lyra Leather Nappy Bag, $399.99

At Mamamia, we independently choose and write about products our writers genuinely recommend. We have affiliate partnerships so if you use these links to buy something, Mamamia may earn a small commission.

Feature Image: Supplied.

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