Buying a designer handbag online? Here are 5 things to check first.

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If someone offered me a few grand to spend how I wish, I'd purchase a designer handbag. 

I know that's not what many people would use the money for and there are probably (definitely) smarter ways to spend it, but that's what I'd do.

I've loved designer handbags since I was a kid.

Not to sound like a wanker, but there's something about their cult status and craftsmanship, seeing them worn by The Fashion People and celebrities, that just got me.

These days, I still love them as much as I did back then – I own two that I saved up for and wear to death, and have a list of a few I'd like to buy eventually.

Having purchased some and still after one or two more, I've learned some useful tips and hacks for when shopping new or second-hand designer handbags.

Here are five things you really should consider before buying one.

1. Buy from a reputable platform.


This is so important. Like any big investment, you need to consider your budget, what you're looking for and where you want to buy your designer handbag from. 

Just like buying your first property, you would never just go in and buy it.

Shop around, get an idea of pricing, the bag's possible resale value (if you want to sell it down the track) and its authenticity.

ICYMI, there are designer fakes out there, and some pretty good ones that look near identical to the Real McCoy.

If you're after a second-hand designer handbag (something I highly suggest as it slows consumerism and costs less), eBay have introduced a handbag Authentication Guarantee feature to sort that step for you.


Here's how it works: 

When shopping on the site, look for handbags with the Authenticity Guarantee badge (the blue tick) and make your purchase.

Your handbag is then verified by a team of professionally trained authenticators, going through various inspection points, including packaging, handbag details, condition, and accessories.

The authenticators also verify your handbags against the seller's listing description, so you'll get exactly what you ordered.

Once verified as authentic, each handbag receives a unique authentication card with detailed information about the item. And your handbag is sent directly from the authenticator via free tracked express delivery; all costs covered.

(You can shop all their designer handbags - I'm talkin' Prada, Saint Laurent, Gucci – here.)

2. Shop around.

There are deals everywhere, and as mentioned above, you don't just need to purchase designer handbags through the brand's store. 

These days, you have so many retailers and individuals selling second-hand handbags that look near-new for far less (like eBay).

Although it may be the easiest option going into the designer store, consider whether you really need to – because good chance you can find it somewhere else at a lower price.

3. Sleep on it.

I was taught this rule at a young age: if you want something, sleep on it.


A designer handbag is a big purchase that'll generally set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars, and that's a lot of money! 

To make sure you're buying exactly what you want (and won't later regret it), either sleep on it and buy it the next day or give it longer.

It'll more than likely still be there when you've made your decision and I promise, it will've been worth the wait.

My favourite designer handbag:


4. Consider cost per wear.

While thinking on it, consider cost per wear.

How often will you wear it? Does it go with a bunch of pieces in your wardrobe? Will it really get the love it deserves, considering you paid an arm and a leg for it?

The Louis Vuitton handbag above I bought a few years back, and it's my pride and joy – yes, it was expensive, but it goes with everything and I use it multiple times a week.

Worth every penny.

5. Are you in love?

This is similar to my earlier rule, but that's because it's the most important. 

Are you thinking about it non-stop? Do you feel as though you need it (although it's more of a want)? Does it make you giddy and excited?

When I bought both my designer handbags, I considered them for months. I needed to make sure I loved them so much I was willing to spend my hard-earned money on them.

After many nights falling asleep thinking about them, googling them, one I even set as my iPhone background to remind me how much I love it, I bit the bullet and I'm so glad I did.

Feel like that? Buy it.

Do you have any other tips to add when it comes to shopping designer handbags? Go on, share them in the comments below!

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