Meghan Markle just did something very unroyal-like again at an official engagement.


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Ah, royals.

They’re just like us.

Not only did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get stuck into a game of netball during an official royal engagement this week, they also joined fellow commuters on the train.

Instead of travelling in a private vehicle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stunned commuters by hopping on the public train. Yep, that mode of transport most people take to and from work.

So relatable, right?

A passerby spotted the royal couple walking hand in hand along the train platform.

“Bizarrely sharing my train with Harry & Meghan today”, Twitter user Jonny Norton wrote.


Unlike a normal commute, however, the Duke and Duchess were surrounded by security and minders on their train trip.

The pair were travelling to Loughborough University to support the Royal Foundation’s Coach Core, which is a program that trains young people to become coaches.

Meghan showed off her netball skills at the event as she took part in a passing drill – made even more impressive by the fact she did it effortlessly in heels.

Meghan markle netball
OK so this is the most glam shot of someone playing netball ever taken. Image: Getty.

Earlier this week, Meghan was praised on social media for her down to earth (read: extremely normal) behaviour when she was spotted closing her own car door while arriving at her first solo royal engagement.

While us commoners are required to open and close our own damn car doors, royals have people employed to do that for them.


Um, why can't we have someone do that for us?!

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