People are convinced Meghan Markle's new hairstyle means she's pregnant.


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The Duchess of Sussex debuted a change in hairstyle this week and of course people think it means she’s pregnant.

Because when you’re a royal, something as innocuous as wearing your hair differently definitely means something. Something big. Like a pregnancy.



meghan markle
So sleek. So straight. So probably not a sign of pregnancy. Image: Getty.

The speculation stems from something UK journalist Kate Proctor spotted about the timing of Kate Middleton's hair styles and pregnancy announcements.


Basically, before announcing each of her three pregnancies, Kate switched up her 'do.

So... has Kate shared the tactic with her sister-in-law?

It's possible, as Meghan is well-known for her trademark messy buns and wavy hair. In fact, she hasn't worn her hair glossy and straight since late last year.

But an interview from Meghan's post-royal life might prove she just wanted to let her hair down, so to speak.


As royal fans eagerly anticipate a pregnancy announcement from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, there's one easy-to-spot sign they should be on the look out for.

Before becoming a member of the royal family Meghan Markle spoke regularly in interviews about her beauty regime and in 2011 revealed that she used semi-permanent hair straightening treatments.

Meghan's mother is black and her dad is Dutch and Irish, so her natural hair is dense and curly.

"I've been getting Brazilian blowouts for a couple of years," she said at the time.

Royal expert and etiquette coach Myka Meier told The Sun that Meghan's hair may give away if she's pregnant before any official announcement.

"We don’t know what she does to treat her hair now but it is likely she uses a keratin or a Brazilian treatment to straighten it," she said.

"As soon as she gets pregnant she will no longer be able to use those same products, which could be very interesting."


Brazilian blowouts incorporate a mix of keratin and formaldehyde, a toxic chemical which doctors strongly recommend women avoid during pregnancy due to perinatal risks.

Myka predicted we'll see Meghan wearing more buns when pregnant as she'll no longer be able to use the chemicals that help her achieve her signature glossy look.

Prince Harry has already said they hope to start a family soon however the newlyweds probably plan to wait until they complete their upcoming travel, a royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga in October, before adding a bump into the mix.