Meghan Markle just did something unusual during her first solo royal engagement.


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Meghan Markle just attended her first solo event as the Duchess of Sussex and uh, it wasn’t just her beautiful outfit that made headlines.

You see, Meghan did something unusual. While us commoners are required to open and close our own car doors all the damn time, royals have people to do that for them.



Meghan’s door closer may be out of a job.

After arriving at the Royal Academy of Art in London to view an art exhibit, Meghan once again broke royal protocol in the most subtle way possible.

Video shows the Duchess step out of her car, shake hands with a man and then casually shut the car door behind her.


There’s also photo evidence, of course.

Meghan Markle shuts her own car door
Great technique. Image: Getty.
Meghan Markle shuts her own car door
That's exactly how I do it too. Image: Getty.

Royal fans on Twitter were excited (and somewhat perplexed) by her extremely-normal behaviour.




It's not a habit she looks set to break anytime soon.

In fact, she closed her own door last week while arriving at Kensington Palace for her first official palace luncheon in celebration of Together: Our Community Cookbook.

Other than outing herself as a ~regular~ person, Meghan's first solo event went well.

She viewed art from the exhibition Oceania, which features works from regions across Oceania and the Pacific.