The secret code names Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bodyguards refer to them as.

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As you can imagine, the life of a royal means constant and strict security protocols, with their actions and public appearances supervised by a bevy of top-tier bodyguards.

But we didn’t realise said security team referred to the royals by completely different names. Because shouting into an earpiece: ‘Megs and Hazza are coming down the stairway’, would most definitely qualify as a security breach…

After speaking to an unnamed source, The Daily Star has shared the code names of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, stating that their secret monikers originate from their official initials, DS.

Although their names do change frequently, according to the source, they’re known as “David Stevens” and “Davina Scott” by their security team.

“If anyone got hold of a phone belonging to a royal aide or security team member, they won’t find Harry Windsor and Meghan’s names in it,” they told the publication.

“It is far too risky in the wrong hands. They get given code names but they are changed regularly for obvious reasons.”

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Similarly, Prince William and Kate Middleton go by names with the initials DC – for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – and use names like “Danny Collins and Daphne Clark”.

Consider yourself stumped? Well Prince Harry’s code name has been known to trick a few people. The ‘insider’ described an incident at a recent event when the royal’s aide told a worker he had a call waiting for him.

“The assistant held up his mobile and it had some random name come up on the screen,” they said.

“The chap went: ‘Why would I want to speak to him?’ Imagine the surprise he got when he heard Harry’s voice on the other end of the line.”

Now we know this, you can bet we won’t be as foolish. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are due to make their appearance in Australia next month and we’ll be listening out for people in suspicious-looking suits muttering phrases like “Daphne Stevens and Daniel Saunders are on the move.”

Despite this new information, when The Daily Star reached out to a royal spokesperson for a comment, they declined to comment, after all, isn’t the whole point of a secret code name, that they’re kept strictly secret and out of the public domain?

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