Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Married At First Sight’s Tracey Jewel is being sued. Yep.

Married at First Sight (Channel 9’s highly entertaining though questionably effective matchmaking show) is over. But the drama rolls on for cast member Tracey Jewel.

According to Fairfax Media, the former fake wife of Dean and current real girlfriend of Sean, is being sued by a Perth-based party planner.

The dispute reportedly stretches back to 2015, when Jewel planned a series of “girls’ night out” events that included a screening of the BDSM classic (No?) Fifty Shades of Grey.

A woman by the name of Monique Davis claims she paid Jewel a $765 “sponsorship fee” to have her party-planning business promoted at the events; an amount she says she was never refunded, despite the events being cancelled with only a few days notice.

According to WA Today, Davis is also seeking compensation for the $1157 she spent on flights and accommodation.

2. Paris Hilton lost her ginormous engagement ring in a nightclub.

Image: Getty.

OK, so businesswoman/heiress Paris Hilton may not be the most relatable person on the planet. What with her $300 million net worth and all. But we could still muster a sympathetic cringe for the 37-year-old when we learned she lost her $2.5 million engagement ring.

According to Page Six, the fashion entrepreneur temporarily misplaced the 20-carat diamond at a Miami nightclub on Friday, prompting a wide-scale search lead by her "astonishingly calm" fiancé, Chris Zylka, and a small army of security.

Thankfully, the sparkler was spotted before any light-fingered party people cottoned on. According to the tabloid, it never left the VIP section, where it was found safely (and ever so appropriately) resting in a bucket of ice.

3. Jackie O's "favourite gift ever" was designed by her seven-year-old daughter.

Alrighty, then, we all need one thing:

  1. A seven-year-old daughter. More specifically, a seven-year-old daughter who also happens to have a cool knack for minimalist jewellery design.

Random, sure, but just ask KIIS FM radio host Jackie O, who on Saturday posted on Instagram that her "favourite present ever" was courtesy of her only child, Catalina Mae (Kitty for short).

A post shared by Jackie O (@jackieo_official) on


"Been meaning to post this for ages," the 43-year-old wrote. "This necklace was a present given to me by my daughter for Christmas. She designed it herself (clever little thing) with the help of House of K’dor. I wear it everyday."

Well, then. Anyone got a seven-year-old handy?

4. NEVER FEAR. Jen Aniston is "staying busy" after her split.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and her now ex-husband Justin Theroux. Image: Getty Images.

In case you've been up late at night participating in the Privileged World's Favourite Pastime (that's Worry About Jen Aniston's Love Life, for those playing along at home), then you can relax. A source has told People that Jen is "doing fine".

“Justin has moved on with his life in N.Y.C.,” while “Jen still enjoys hers in L.A.,” the source said.

“Her friends always invite her out and to parties,” the source continued. “Jen has a very caring group of friends that take care of her.”

Alrighty, we all good on that front? She's F-I-N-E.

And no, she's not pregnant.

5. Two random American blokes are going to crash Bachelor in Paradise Australia.

In preparation for the Bachelor in Paradise premiere on Sunday, we’re consuming every skerrick of information about the contestants available.

And while we’ve met most of them before, there’s one crucial Bachelor casting requirement we kind of forgot about: the foreign contestants.

Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette has one or two toke contestants from overseas to mix things up. And our first season of BIP won’t be any different.

So far, only two shiny new foreign exports have been announced – Grant Kemp and Daniel Maguire. To find out more about them, read our very important investigation here.