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TAKE NOTES: Here is literally every MAFS spoiler circulating in 2019.


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If you feel like there are Married at First Sight spoilers coming at you from all angles, 24 hours a day, you aren’t alone.

Wherever we look, daggers of gossipy tidbits are flying wild.

It can be hard to stay on top of what’s really going on in MAFS, so we’ve compiled every major spoiler and put them all in one place.

So you can finally participate in water cooler conversation again.

1. Dan and Jessika are totally together. 

jess and dan mafs

Jessika has gone... rogue.

It appears she is not sticking to the producer's sacred script, because... she hasn't been subtle about wanting a new man.

You see, Jessika is married to Mick, but at a dinner party last week, she quite aggressively set her sights on Cyrell’s husband Nic AND Tamara’s husband Dan.

Nic rejected her... very awkwardly. So she settled for Dan.

But not just on the show. In real life, too, apparently.

Could it be that one of the only (we assume) lasting relationships beyond the show was born out of an affair?

The couple were caught kissing on the Gold Coast late last month in pictures published by New Idea on Monday last week.

Oh, and Jessika has pretty much confirmed it to Fitzy and Wippa on Nova.

"You'll have to wait and see it play out but um, yeah, you can't really deny photographs..." she said when asked about the suggestive pics.

When asked flat out by the Nova radio hosts if they were together, her response was: "Um..."

So yeah. That's definitely a thang.


2. Mick and Lauren also appear to be very together. 

lauren huntriss mick gould
We know what's going on here.

Fans have noticed clues on social media that Lauren Huntriss and Mick Gould may have ended up together.

Here's what we know.

For some context, Lauren and ex-virgin Matt Bennett are going to have a hard time getting over the fact that he isn’t attracted to her.

Meanwhile, Mick and his “wife” Jessika Power seemed like a bad fit almost immediately, and fought at the dinner party when the farmer refused to defend the 26-year-old.


But what makes viewers think that Lauren and Mick might end up together is their flirty exchanges on Instagram.

Under a photo Mick posted of himself in a suit for the show, Lauren wrote “#stud” which is country talk for #hottie.

And when the 31-year-old posted a photo of the view from his farm, Lauren commented “Wish I was there”, to which he replied “and how”, with a pizza emoji.


View this post on Instagram


Certainly worse places for Vday smoko!! #MAFS

A post shared by Mick (@mick_gould86) on


Maybe because they ate pizza at that very spot on a date recently?

It only got more suspicious when Lauren posted a photo of herself also on Valentine’s Day with the caption “Date ready”, before quickly changing it to “Quick selfie before hubby comes back with dinner”.

But – wait for it – there was also a pizza emoji, suggesting there might be some kind of in-joke between the pair.

Mick’s Instagram Story did feature photos with Jessika, but we also know those snaps could have been taken at any time.


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Quick selfie before hubby comes back with dinner ????????#happyvalentinesday #MAFS

A post shared by Lauren (@laurenhuntriss) on


To add fuel to the fire, things between Mick and Jessika seem... bad.

Jessika posted a Valentine’s Day photo of her own that is very suspicious.

Despite mentioning her “hubby” in the caption, the photo didn’t include... Mick.


How very interesting.

3. Nic and Cyrell have... broken up? 

mafs nic and cyrell
Nic is more complex than we originally realised.

There is serious trouble in love town for Nic and Cyrell.

Last month, Cyrell Paule suggested in an interview with Woman’s Day that her and Nic Jovanovic do not live happily ever after.


While she doesn't exactly spell it out, we're getting some hints.

“I think I’m at that point where I probably won’t be dating for a while,” Cyrell said on the podcast.

“Not until this sh*t quietens down,” she added.

In the interview, Cyrell went on to criticise her husband a number of times, claiming that Nic was just on the show in a bid to get more Instagram followers.

“I was how I was with Nic because I think I can judge people’s characteristics from the start, and from day dot I said to Nic, ‘You’re here for fame!’ – and that’s what they’re [the producers] not showing,” Cyrell said.

The reality star also alleged that Nic had previously discussed his desire to become Instagram famous and “get papped”.

Then... things escalated on the show.

Drama escalated from a full-blown argument to a physical altercation between Cyrell and Martha, when Cyrell confronted the makeup artist about asking her ‘husband’ Nic why he’d touched Jessika’s leg at the dinner party.

Within minutes of their argument starting, Cyrell lunged at fellow wife Martha, forcing producers to step in and push them apart.

Then Jessika got involved, pulling Nic aside for a... deep and meaningful conversation.

"Look, I just wanted to see how you were feeling. Like, are you happy with Cyrell? Cause I have sort of developed some sort of feeling towards you," Jess said.


"I don't want to do this," Nic responded. "I don't want to be talking about this because it's not right. I'm still married. It's making me uncomfortable because I am married and I want to do the right thing by Cyrell."

But according to Martha, Nic is not as nice as he appears.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O, Martha shared what really happened when Nic touched Jess' leg – and it turns out there was a lot we didn't see.

"There's a lot that you don't see, Martha explained. "That's the thing. That's why [Cyrell] looks so crazy."

"Eventually guys, I promise you it will all come out, everyone's going to see the truth," she added.

"The way Jess told me that Nic had touched her, it's wasn't in a way like, 'Hey mate, are you alright?' It was in a 'Heyyyyy babe, you alright?' way."

Martha also hinted that Nic's true colours will eventually come out later on in the season.

"I'm not going to lie, Nic isn't what we thought we all see and think he is," she said.

If they havent't broken up, things are certainly not peachy.

4. Susie is 1000% with Todd Carney.

Not a happy couple. We... think.

There is a strong sign that intruder Susie Bradley does not end up with her assigned hubby Billy Vincent (pictured above), but rather falls in love with Byron Bay-based rugby league player Todd Carney.

Like all good spoilers, it all started on Instagram.

Fans spotted a flirty exchange between the pair on an Instagram photo of 25-year-old Susie in a pool posted two weeks ago, leading many to conclude they’re in a relationship.

It's A-class flanter (flirty banter), and we are seeing all the signs of sexual tension.

See what we mean? Image: Instagram.

Here is the exchange.

Todd Carney: What’s your name? [wink emoji]

Susie Pearll: Whatever you want it to be baby

Todd: hmm Susie is [okay emoji]

Susie: Stop forgetting it then doofus [blowing kiss emoji + heart emoji]

Todd: Just keeping you on your toes

Susie: Is that right Mr Carney? I might have to start keeping you on your toes a little more

Todd: I can’t dance you know that so my toes are off limits Susie

Susie: You can do anything you put your mind to baby.. otherwise I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Todd: hmm is that right.

See? Definitely flanter.

And it's not the only flirty exchange.

Todd commented with an eyeglass (take a closer look) emoji under a photo of Susie at the beach, to which she replied, "hahahaha I can just imagine the face right now! You so cute."

He then asked, "don’t ya mean this face" with an eye-roll emoji, after which the single mum told him to stop making her laugh.

And under a photo of her with an acai bowl back in January, Todd wrote, "Worst acai bowl lol", to which Susie replied, "Noooo this is the place I was telling you about! Amazing."


Add to this the fact that Todd Carney doesn't appear to have any loved-up girlfriend photos on his own Instagram, indicating a single status (or in an in-relationship-with-a-woman-who's-contractually-obligated-to-hide-it status) - and we think this case is pretty much closed.

5. There was a... glassing incident.

To sum up the spoilers, last week Grant Denyer let it slip that there was a... glassing incident.

According to radio host, the incident occurred during the reunion special of the reality show and honestly, we’re really not surprised at this point.

Speaking on 2DayFM’s Ash, Grant and Ed this morning, Denyer shared the intel he received from someone who was “part of the program”.

“They all hate each other so much more now… so it kicks off next level,” Denyer said.

“There is a major fight, a physical fight, a girl fight,” he continued.

Although Denyer confirmed Cyrell was involved in the dramatic argument, he wasn’t aware of the other woman involved.

“It’s a glassing. It fires up,” he said. “So one of the contestants walks over and pours a full glass of alcohol on top of another person’s head, then the glass in hand is smashed on the table and then she goes for the face of the person who spilt the wine.”


According to Denyer, things got so intense, the show’s crew had to intervene. Again. Eek. 

As for everything else going on, only time and Instagram exchanges will tell.


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