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1. Um. Grant Denyer says there was a “glassing incident” during the MAFS reunion special.


It sounds like this season of Married At First Sight is just going to get more and more dramatic.

According to radio host Grant Denyer, there was apparently a “glassing incident” during the reunion special of the reality show and honestly, we’re really not surprised at this point.

Speaking on 2DayFM’s Ash, Grant and Ed this morning, Denyer shared the intel he received from someone who was “part of the program”.

Married At First Sight’s Cyrell and Martha were involved in a fight earlier on in the season. Post continues below…

“They all hate each other so much more now… so it kicks off next level,” Denyer said.

“There is a major fight, a physical fight, a girl fight,” he continued.

Although Denyer confirmed Cyrell was involved in the dramatic argument, he wasn’t aware of the other woman involved.

“It’s a glassing. It fires up,” he said. “So one of the contestants walks over and pours a full glass of alcohol on top of another person’s head, then the glass in hand is smashed on the table and then she goes for the face of the person who spilt the wine.”

According to Denyer, things got so intense, the show’s crew had to intervene. Eek. 

2. The sign that Sophie Tieman has a new boyfriend and won’t be the next Bachelorette.

It turns out Sophie Tieman won’t be our next Bachelorette after all.

The former Bachelor contestant, who was dumped by Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, has shared a photo with her rumoured new boyfriend on Instagram.

“Happy”, she captioned the post.


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Last year, the 25-year-old said that she was open to becoming the next Bachelorette, “if the opportunity presented itself”.

“I would definitely consider being the next Bachelorette,” she told Daily Mail at the time.

Sophie’s fellow Bachelor contestant Brittany Hockley has also been tipped to be the next Bachelorette, while Cass Wood and Brooke Blurton will be on our screens once again for Bachelor in Paradise.

3. Apparently MAFS Martha and Ines kissed during a night out. And Michael isn’t happy about it.

Well, well, well.

It seems this year’s MAFS contestants don’t actually need producers to cook up dramatic plotlines for them.

They’re perfectly capable of creating it themselves, out in the real world… where shoddy editing doesn’t exist.

Let us explain:

It turns out there could be ~trouble in paradise~ between Michael and Martha because of a third contestant.


Reports the couple could be on the rocks came after Martha and Ines kissed at da club in Melbourne, where she was celebrating her 29th birthday.




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thank u to everyone who organised and came to my birfday bananza, was v v v good time ????

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Michael was apparently “furious” to learn of the pash between his wife and the former contestant, who Martha grew close to during the show.

An onlooker told NW magazine “they were loving the attention”, adding that Ines appeared to “instigate the kiss, but it’s not like Martha refused”.


4. Paris Hilton says she doesn’t have time for love and SAME.

It turns out we might have more in common with Paris Hilton than we could have ever imagined.

Who would have bloody thought.

The notoriously blunt heiress and reality star recently told The Mirror that she “doesn’t have time for love” and good God, truer words have never been spoken.

Paris Hilton is... all of us. Image: Getty.

“I don’t have time for love right now. I hardly have time for myself,” she said.

“I am constantly travelling over 250 days a year, never home hardly, just focusing on myself, my business and my friends.”

Yes. All the yes.

The socialite ended her engagement to actor Chris Zylka three months ago, but added that she’s not concerned she will ever have trouble finding love because there’s “always” a line of men waiting for her to choose from.

Aaaaaaand that's where she stops being relatable.

We definitely don't have anything of the sort.

“There is always a lot of guys everywhere, always," she said.

But for now, she's happy being single.

“When you know you know. But I don’t know yet.”

5. Na legit, can we get to the bottom of this weird Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott cheating scandal?

While most people were bracing themselves for the pop culture event that was Jordyn Woods’ interview with Jada Pinkett Smith about that time she cheated with Khloe Kardashian’s partner, Tristan Thompson, another story was slowly emerging in the background.

KYLIE GOT CHEATED ON TOO, the Daily Mail yelled.


Wait, what? catch up on it all in our earlier post here.

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