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Married at First Sight's Martha has shared a spoiler about what Nic is really like.

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The drama just keeps on coming on Married At First Sight.

This week, the drama escalated from a full-blown argument to a physical altercation between Cyrell and Martha when Cyrell confronted the makeup artist about asking her ‘husband’ Nic why he’d touched Jessika’s leg at the dinner party.

Within minutes of their argument starting, Cyrell lunged at fellow wife Martha, forcing producers to step in and push them apart.

Things escalated quickly. Image: Nine

Of course, Nic promptly denied the rumours.

But on last night's episode during the dinner party, Jessika pulled Nic aside, admitting that she's developed feelings for him.

"Look, I just wanted to see how you were feeling. Like, are you happy with Cyrell? Cause I have sort of developed some sort of feeling towards you," Jess said.

"I don't want to do this," Nic responded. "I don't want to be talking about this because it's not right. I'm still married. It's making me uncomfortable because I am married and I want to do the right thing by Cyrell."

But although Nic quickly shut down Jess' advances, fellow contestant Martha has hinted that we haven't quite seen Nic's true colours just yet.

mafs nic and cyrell
It was... awkward.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O yesterday, Martha shared what really happened when Nic touched Jess' leg – and it turns out there was a lot we didn't see.

"There's a lot that you don't see, Martha explained. "That's the thing. That's why [Cyrell] looks so crazy."

"Eventually guys, I promise you it will all come out, everyone's going to see the truth," she added.

"The way Jess told me that Nic had touched her, it's wasn't in a way like, 'Hey mate, are you alright?' It was in a 'Heyyyyy babe, you alright?' way."

Martha also hinted that Nic's true colours will eventually come out later on in the season.

"I'm not going to lie, Nic isn't what we thought we all see and think he is," she said.

Take a look at Cyrell and Martha's fight on Married At First Sight below.

Martha was also asked about rumours surrounding Nic and alleged sex tape.

Earlier this month, Cyrell told Woman's Day that she had reportedly been sent a "sex tape" featuring her "husband" and another woman.

She also criticised her husband a number of times, saying: “I was how I was with Nic because I think I can judge people’s characteristics from the start, and from day dot I said to Nic, ‘You’re here for fame!’ – and that’s what they’re [the producers] not showing."

Martha agreed that Nic may have had other reasons for signing up to the show.

"I feel like he had ulterior motives coming into this – I wouldn't be surprised if he sold the [sex tape] himself," Martha admitted.

The 30-year-old also admitted that Cyrell and Nic are no longer together.

"They're finished, they're done and dusted. They were never a thing, it was a doomed relationship from the beginning."