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The signs that MAFS' Jessika and Dan are actually together outside of the experiment.

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This season of MAFS is truly out of control.

The crazy has been turned up to 11, the contestants have gone rogue, the experts look downright thrilled and we are living for it.

It’s everything we could have hoped for and more.

The latest development in the proverbial sh*t-show of a social experiment is a second wife swap and experts, do you honestly expect us to believe that any of these people were actually paired together out of genuine compatibility? Honestly?

(Thanks, though).

By the sounds of it, this affair is a lot less… blatantly fake than the Ines and Sam tryst/year eight drama performance of, what, two weeks ago? (God this show moves quickly).

And we bet you can guess who it involves.

She hasn’t exactly been… subtle about the fact that she’s on the hunt for a new husband.

We’re of course talking about Jessika, who is married to Mick, but who at the last dinner party, quite aggressively set her sights on Cyrell’s husband Nic AND Tamara’s husband Dan.

"Surrender your husbands and no one gets hurt."

But, after Nic's incredibly awkward and kinda sweaty rejection of her advances, it seems she's very much moved on completely. With Dan.

As in... in the actual, real world outside the hotel the contestants were trapped in by Channel 9 during filming.


Could it be that one of the only (we assume) lasting relationships beyond the show was born out of an affair?


Here's what we know:

The couple were caught kissing on the Gold Coast late last month in pictures published by New Idea on Monday.

Oh, and Jessika has pretty much confirmed it this morning to Fitzy and Wippa on Nova.

"You'll have to wait and see it play out but um, yeah, you can't really deny photographs..." she said when asked about the suggestive pics.

When asked flat out by the Nova radio hosts if they were together, her response was: "Um..."

And we all know "Um..." means "We're expecting triplets and have bought a house in the suburbs together," so there you have it.

When pressed about her relationship with original husband Mick, she said: "Our relationship, as you'll start to see over the next few weeks, starts to become a little bit toxic on both ends".

Which sounds a lot like fighting to us, and yes pls, we need to see more MAFS fighting.

It's our lifeblood.

(We are definitely going to need some sort of therapy when MAFS ends).