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Married At First Sight's Dean shares previously unseen footage from his affair with Davina.

Sharing previously unseen footage from the show, Dean Wells from Married at First Sight says he “still feels bad” for cheating on ‘wife’ Tracey Jewel with fellow contestant Davina Rankin.

The clip, which Dean posted to Instagram as a “throwback”, is a monologue from after he first met with Davina behind Tracey’s back.

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In it, the 39-year-old from Sydney sounds pretty torn up about his feelings and is contemplating telling Tracey about the meeting.

“This is nuts I’ve just finished talking with Davina for the first time,” he tells the camera.

“I’ve got so much stuff going through my head right now. I feel like I need to tell Tracey that I met with Davina.”

Dean’s cheating with Davina – who was ‘married’ to Ryan Gallagher – was one of the biggest scandals of the show’s fifth season, which finished airing last month.

Both Dean and Davina were certainly cast as ‘villans’ following their betrayals, but Dean’s Instagram post shows there was (a little) more to the story that we got to see at home.

“So much was going through my head at this time,” he captioned the video.


“I’ve moved on from all of that now but I thought people might want to see some of this raw footage shot on my phone. Don’t think any of this was ever used in the show.”

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He also thanked fans for their support following the show’s ending and said it’s “all worked out for the best”.

“I still feel bad for doing this to Ryan and Tracey but I learnt a lot,” he wrote.

“Thanks to all the lovely people still asking if I am okay after everything that happened. The answer is yes. Everything worked out for the best in the end, but it was definitely a tough time.”

Unsurprisingly, neither couple survived the experiment.

Since the show finished airing, Dean has made amends with Ryan. Tracey has moved on with yet another of the show’s participants, Sean Thomsen.

And Davina has said since she is having trouble dating and feels she “barely got out of the show alive”.

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