Keira Maguire rang MAFS' Davina Rankin to share some pertinent advice after the show ended.

Keira Maguire and Davina Rankin share an unusual bond. Both were cast as ‘villains’ on Australian reality television and no, we haven’t met them, but it sure feels as if we know them. A little bit.

Now, the pair are standing in solidarity in a mission to convince us: not everything seen on reality TV is actually real. 

And we’ve learned Keira, 31, called Davina to offer some support and advice following the 26-year-old’s recent fall-out with Australia’s television-consuming public.

Keira, who appeared in the 2016 season of The Bachelor and in last year’s season of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, is certainly experienced in dealing with fickle, highly opinionated viewers. And she is now once more on our screens as part of Channel 10’s Bachelor in Paradise. 

Davina we know from her recent stint on Nine’s Married at First Sight in which she provided deliciously scandalous television by having an affair with another ‘married’ man on the show who she wasn’t initially matched with.

The two reality TV queens were acquainted before their fame, with a mutual friend introducing the pair years ago. But now, it seems, the ‘villains’ are sticking together, with Keira telling The Sydney Morning Herald she called Davina after MAFS stopped filming and when the online trolling began.

“I gave her some advice, because it doesn’t matter what her character was like,” she says. “I called her just to say, ‘I wanted to check in and make sure you’re okay’.”

This comes after Davina told the ABC she “barely got out of the whole ordeal alive” and that, on social media, “people feed off the hate and it gets to a point of no return”.

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In classic reality TV fashion, however, Keira wasn’t quite… done.

“I think people going on reality TV now, they see an opportunity. I don’t necessarily think they’re being themselves,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald after being asked about Davina.

“With me, the reason why they asked me to come on this show is because I’m naturally just outrageous with my approach to life. There’s nothing that needs to be forced. I do forget that the cameras are around and I just have a no-care factor, that’s why I get chosen.

“Other people have their own reasons for going on reality TV shows – when you watch, you can definitely see who’s faking it.”

We’re not quite sure where that leaves us but… classic Keira, right?