Turns out Married at First Sight is literally making Tracey Jewel sick.

She had a hell of a time on Married at First Sight and it turns out Tracey Jewel is still recovering from her stint on reality TV. Literally.

The mum of one has lost seven kilos due to ‘stress’ from the show, and now has been struck down by illness in the days since the finale.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Tracey said she’d been unwell, suffering from “exhaustion” and the flu. She also admitted her new partner and fellow MAFS star Sean Thomsen was also sick, suffering from gastro and the flu.

The pair cancelled an interview with the tabloid as a result.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Tracey, who is 180cms tall, had earlier said she’s slimmed down 7 kilos, from 66 kilos to 59 kilos.

“When I’m emotional, I don’t eat,” she told the magazine.

“I thought losing a bit of weight would be a good side effect from the show, but I was so stressed by the situation with Dean I lost a lot of weight.”

Tracey ditched her cheating partner Dean Wells during the last commitment ceremony and is now dating fellow MAFS star Sean, who broke up with his TV wife Blair earlier in the season.

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