MAFS' Dean was asked about his cheating history and we don't know what to make of this.

It’s the “cheating scandal” that’s rocked Australia, and no, we’re not talking about Barnaby Joyce.

We’re talking about that time Married At First Sight groom Dean Wells ‘cheated’ on his fake TV wife Tracey by sending saucy texts and sharing some sexy snuggles with Davina, who just happened to be the fake TV wife of another man.

It’s all very… dramatic.

But even though Tracey took him back after he confessed his sins – they were even spotted holding hands during a recent interview – the Australian public hasn’t been so quick to welcome Dean back into their lives with open arms.

MAFS Dean & Tracey
Married At First Sight couple Dean and Tracey. Image: Instagram.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the 39-year-old revealed he has received death threats from some of the show's most loyal fans.


He also stressed that his... indiscretion... with Davina was the first time he had ever been unfaithful in a relationship.

"I haven't cheated on anyone, until now. This is a first for me," he confessed.

"No offence to Tracey, but I had known her for about a week. I would definitely have taken her back in the same situation."

Twins Clare and Jessie unpack everyone's hatred of Dean. Post continues after. 

And despite admitting he still texts 26-year-old Davina, Dean stresses he "got permission from the wife", which, in his eyes, makes things totally okay.

Tracey - who revealed earlier this week why she decided to stay with Dean after the scandal - also disagrees with fans who have labelled her "weak" for taking Dean back.

The 34-year-old, who is a mum to an eight-year-old daughter, has also been criticised for remaining with Dean in the experiment. Tracey hopes to one day explain to her young daughter the reasons behind her decision.

"When she is old enough I will have the conversation with her and I stand by everything I have done on the show," she said.

"I stand by my decisions to take Dean back. Grace is only eight and I certainly don't want her to see me crying and getting angry on national television."

And in case you're wondering, Dean has indeed met eight-year-old Grace, who he describes as "probably more mature than me".

While we may never understand Tracey's choice, that, dear Dean, is a no brainer.