Dean's small gesture towards Tracey on radio might be proof they're still together.

Tracey Jewel and her Married at First Sight “husband” Dean Wells appeared on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa this morning and… it seems there’s hope for the most controversial couple this season.

“I saw you grabbing Tracey’s hand,” the radio hosts said to Dean at one point during the interview. “Are you two a couple?”

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The 39-year-old creative director in Sydney replied coyly: “We’re not supposed to talk about that, but Tracey and I get along really well and we’re really close.”

“We’ve always got the banter,” added Tracey, a 34-year-old marketing consultant from Perth, added.

The couple has been under intense scrutiny after Dean started flirting, and dating, a fellow contestant on the show (another person’s ‘wife’) Davina Rankin.

During this morning’s interview, audio of Dean calling Davina “hot” on the show was played back to the pair, alongside audio of him saying Tracey’s looks “aren’t her best asset”.

(He covered this one up nicely, saying Tracey has many great qualities, looks included.)

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Dean said complete honesty has allowed the pair to move past his indiscretions after he “showed Tracey all the text messages, I told her everything”.

“I just appreciate the honesty,” Tracey added.

But the two of them gave nothing away about what’s to come in the rest of the season. When asked if the scandal between them was finally over, Tracey said:

“Dean’s capable of anything – he’s blindsided me twice. Watch this space.”

And oh, we will.