If you've missed Married at First Sight, this is the cheating scandal everyone's talking about.

This is a safe place.

I’m not going to judge you if you’re not yet watching Married At First Sight.

I’m simply going to explain what you’re missing and why your life will be infinitely better with this trashy fake-marrying TV show in it.

Trust me, you’re in for a real treat.

So, basically Married At First Sight is a reality TV show in which “experts” match up two people who then have to marry each other at first sight.

After the wedding they go on a honeymoon, then move in together and have to live like husband and wife.

We don’t want to diss the ladies but everyone hates Davina right now. Post continues after audio…

Some couples don’t make it through the experiment and pretty much all of them break up once the cameras stopped rolling.

But that’s not the point. Because drama, but also fights and TV ratings pls.

Anywho, this season is an absolute cracker because there’s been a controversy… a betrayal… a… a… motheflippin’ love triangle. It’s the stuff of Jerry Springer’s wildest dreams, people.

You see the experts matched Dean with Tracey and Davina with Ryan.

Dean likes to rap and skateboard and he also likes himself very, very much. Tracey is a “women’s empowerment” writer who also likes Dean.

Ryan is a tradie who likes beer and also kind of likes his wife Davina. And Davina likes… Dean.

At the first dinner party Davina saw Dean and immediately knew he was the man for her (note: this was before she found out about the skating and rapping).

They locked eyes across the table, did a wee bit of flirting, and then the next day Davina messaged Dean.


After a bit of what the kids call ‘sexting,’ Dean and Davina met up in secret. Well, as secret as it can be when you have a full camera crew plus producers following you.

Why everyone turned on Dean at the dinner party. Post continues after audio…

They sat in a pub and shared how much they liked each other simply based on the way they looked and the three sentences they had exchanged so far.

Then at the next dinner party they snuck off into a corner and did some canoodling, exchanged three more sentences, and then pinky swore they would leave their respective partners at the next commitment ceremony.

Flash forward to the next commitment ceremony and Dean did not rap, nor did he skate.

What he did do is completely change his mind and decide to stay with Tracey after telling the whole group about what had been going on with Davina.

Davina cried, Ryan was like “my wife did what with who now?” and the whole scene kind of erupted into an episode of Jerry Springer.

There were tears, there were gasps, and there was a very angry Nasser yelling, “HE’S PLAYED YOU AND HE’S PLAYED HER”.

At the end of the commitment ceremony both couples had chosen to stay together for another week.

Tracey was prepared to give Dean another go and she got to travel to his home to witness him skating… and to meet Visionz, his rapping alter-ego.

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Ryan would have very much liked not to have given Davina another chance but he had already written ‘stay’ down before the whole debacle.

So they stayed at Ryan’s house and Davina has now decided that Ryan’s not so bad and she’d very much like to not cheat on him on national TV anymore.

And Ryan’s like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

At the next dinner party everyone hated Dean, people had lukewarm feelings for Davina, and everyone felt sorry for Tracey… who did not want people to feel sorry for her because she’s an empowered woman pls.

On Sunday night’s episode the couples have to once again choose whether they’re going to stay or leave. It could be a very juicy episode.

Also I’m pretty sure that Dean will choose to be with Visionz.

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