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April Fools prank or the MAFS reunion we've been waiting for? Dean Wells and Tracey Jewell's latest announcement.


Ahh April Fools’ Day. The most confusing day of the year for anyone who spends their time scouring Instagram for very important ex-reality TV contestant gossip.

On the one hand – nothing really surprises us when it comes to which MAFS contestants are dating these days, on the other, it is the perfect day for contestants of season’s past to thrust themselves back into the spotlight with semi-believable gossip.

Enter Dean Wells’ latest announcement claiming he and fake ex-wife Tracey Jewel are back together.

We. Have. Questions.


Are they trolling us, or has last night’s extremely adorable Jules and Cam MAFS proposal inspired them to go public?

Do they know it’s probably a terrible idea given their tumultuous past?

And finally:

Do we spend too much time thinking about MAFS?



Because we find ourselves caring about their relationship status for reasons largely unknown, we’ve decided to conduct an investigation.

Here are our findings:

If you cast your minds back to season five (which seems… hard given the current season has been going on for approximately our entire lives), you’ll recall their pairing ended in ~scandal~.


As Dean and his (now ex) ‘wife’ faced each other at the vow renewal ceremony, the 40-year-old creative director from Sydney told Tracey he loved her.

Then… BOOM.

Tracey, 34, a marketing consultant from Perth, told Dean she doesn’t want to continue their relationship outside the experiment.

Dean and Tracey. Married at First Sight.

Of course, he had been two-timing with fellow contestant Davina Rankin, but we found ourselves feeling a little… sorry for him.


In the months that followed, Tracey eventually split from co-star Sean Thomsen with whom she "rebounded" (yeah it's confusing) and rumours circulated that the two were keen to give their relationship another crack.

“Dean will always have a soft spot in my heart, and who knows?” Tracey said following the season finale.

“The way me and Dean ended things, you never say never. Some couples can take a break and have some space and come back.”

In the same interview, Tracey gave details of what went wrong between her and Sean, who were together for five months.

“My core needs in a relationship are commitment, stability and security, and Sean can’t give that to me,” she said.

“It was brutal… because he works away and I’ve been away a lot, I had to wait until when I picked him up from the airport. I just told him straight away. I couldn’t even wait for him to get into the frigging car.”

Nothing has ever been made public about Tracey and Dean reuniting, until today(?):

"Its been the worst kept secret for a while now, but its time we come clean (sic)," he posted alongside a selfie (which looks.. suspiciously old).

"My little lady @traceyjewel_ify and I have decided to give this crazy ride called love another go. Despite our differences, and all that we have been through, in the long run it seems the experts may have got it right. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and kept this quiet xx #mafs #loveatsecondsight cant wait for the next chapter!!(sic)"


While we detect a *hint* of sarcasm in his caption, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE.

What do you think? Have they got us good, or could they be the unlikely MAFS golden couple we never expected? Let us know in the comments below.