An all-weather wedding dress and crustless pizzas: The very best April Fools jokes of 2019.

Ah, April Fools Day.

It’s the day everyone forgets until you find yourself believing something completely absurd.

Like the guy who wrote a furious rant about Tinder’s new ‘height verification’ feature, only to find out it was actually a… joke.

April Fools joke tinder
How embarrassing for you, Sir.

So to save you from any humiliation, we've rounded up the best April Fools Day jokes of 2019.



All-weather wedding dress

Kathmandu has created the world's first all weather, all terrain wedding dress.

It packs down to a travel-size backpack and allows brides to choose from the world's most remote locations for their big day.

The dress is waterproof, transforms into a cape with a hood, has large storage pockets and has internal zips to transform the length of the dress.

But legit... this isn't a terrible idea.

Check it out here. Post continues after video.

Video via Kathmandu

Deliveroo ditches pizza crust

Due to 'anti-crust' feedback, delivery giant Deliveroo has announced its plan to remove all crust options from its app.

crust-less pizza.
Deliveroo announces crust-less pizza. Picture: Supplied.

Read My Lips

Mamamia is releasing a new podcast in soundwaves only women can hear.

That's because of the feedback that women's voices are 'harder to listen to.'

Hosted by Mia Freedman, Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens, Read My Lips will be a podcast about all things men find annoying.

mamamia podcasts
Image: Mamamia.

Audible for fish

Audible have launched a new three-second audio book to keep your fish entertained while you aren't home.

You can check it out here:

May your fish never be bored again.... Image: Audible.

Bin chickens get their moment

Sydney's WILDLIFE Zoo have announced their latest exhibit... bin chickens.

They say they're responding to a high demand from guests, and have hired a senior bin chicken keeper.

bin chickens
Bin chickens get their moment. Image: Supplied.

Google Maps 'Snake'

Google Maps has launched an in-built game of Snake which is themed so players can venture through Cairo, Sydney, London, Tokyo or San Francisco. It's launching globally via iOS and Andriod users, and will also be launched as a standalone side for if you don't have the app.


(This one is actually for real... check it out)

Google Maps snake
Image: Google

Orange is the new Pink

The town of Orange, NSW is changing its name to Pink later this year.

"We’re already known throughout the country as Orange, so it’s not a big deal to make the switch to Pink. It’s only a few shades to the right on the colour spectrum," Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said.


The town is hopeful the name will make more sense to outside visitors. Orange doesn't actually grow oranges... it grows apples - pink lady apples to be exact.

Orange doesn't grow they've decided to change their name to Pink. Image: Supplied.


Contiki have launched 'Contiki-cam', a discreet on board camera that captures travellers every move to allow friends and family to follow on from home.

Mum and Dad can watch on from home. Image: Supplied.

Tape is back

Monoprice is bringing out a Cassette series, declaring that 'tape is back.' It features a boombox, cassette player and recorder.

Image: Monoprice.

Press paws remote

Roku is bringing out a new 'Press Paws' remote to make their smart TVs accessible to pets.

A survey they conducted found 72 per cent of people believed that their dogs would enjoy watching TV more if they could use the remote themselves.


Image: Roku.

'No-share-pack' chips

Lays has developed a new packaging technology with fingerprint sensors so that only you can open the packet.

If not touched for 30 seconds, it activates standby lock mode.

Image: Lay's.

Ultimate tech accessory

Hyper have released a new cutting edge tech accessory. They've incorporated each and every one of their feature requests into a single device, so customers will never be in need again.

Whether you need to read a USB, or floppy disk, they've got you covered.

Image: Hyper.

Tattoo checker

Travel Insurance Direct have brought out TID - AKA a 'Tattoo spell checker.'

So next time you are overseas and want to get 'love' tattooed in Arabic, you can make sure there aren't any pesky spelling mistakes.

Image: Travel Insurance Direct.

Toilet tablet reader

When nature calls, so does your tech.

Ikea's new toilet tablet reader will help ensure you never have a boring bathroom break again.

toilet holder
Image: Ikea.

A convertible HiAce

Toyota have announced the first ever convertible Toyota HiAce. They're calling it an 'exciting alternative for the style conscious road warrior.'

It also comes with a built in pie oven....